.:chapter fifteen:.

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"noona? uhh... i've been meaning to talk to you about this. but umm, what's this?" jisung handed me an envelope. not just any envelope, the envelope.

"this wasn't meant to be sent." i take the envelope. "i'm so embarrassed."

"it's okay, noona." jisung said. "but i hope we can still be friends."

"yeah, sure." i nodded. that was easier than i thought. i guess i haven't ruined all my friendships.


"hyejin!" jaemin called. he walked towards me, standing a bit too close for my liking.

"hey, jae. what's up?"

"can i talk to you?" he asks. i nod and look at him to continue. "can we go somewhere more private?"

again, i nod and he leads me into a secluded classroom.

"who was that boy with the weird green hair at your house yesterday?" jaemin asked. he sounded like a jealous boyfriend.

"why do you want to know?" i question. "he's just a friend. and he surprised me by visiting me; i didn't know he was gonna show up."

"was he your crush too?" jaemin interrogates. "how many are there?"

"are you okay jae?" i dodge his questions. "you've never been so interested in my love life."

"if i'm gonna be your boyfriend, i should know." he says, leaving me in shock.

"hey! who said we're gonna date?" i slap chest in a playful manner. he shyly looks away.

"when we were younger, i thought you didn't like me. you barely said hi to me. and as we got older, you started to avoid me. but over the years, i've watched you grow into the girl you are right now. after your letter, i realized how deeply i've fallen for you." jaemin confesses, his heart pounding loudly in his chest.

"jaemin, that was very sweet-"

"hyejin?" a voice called. not just any voice. mark's voice.

"we're talking right now, can you give us some privacy?" jaemin tried to get rid of mark. mark just looked hurt and left. he gave me the most saddest expression i've ever seen.

"jaemin, i'm really confused with my feelings right now. if you really liked me, you'd be patient for my answer and respect it, no matter what i choose." i told him honestly.

"okay. i'll wait for you."


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