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ugh, lee jeno. where do i begin?

lee jeno, the most popular guy in school. also the captain of the basketball team.

he's also friends with donghyuck, but we'll talk about him later.

he's a nice guy from what i hear. but i've never actually held a conversation with him. he's really popular, so i'm really afraid of him.

i know what you're thinking. how could you even like him when you've never spoken to him? and that's the thing. you don't need to speak to lee jeno in order to like him. he was always cute, but when we came back from summer break, puberty hit him like a truck.

i had math class with him. i sat in the back of him and he'd always turn around and ask for a pencil or for help. that's how far our conversations would usually last.

one day, we were both participating in a "feeding the homeless and in need" service project. our job was to prepare the vegetables.

jeno would hum while peeling and cutting the vegetables. occasionally, our hands would brush up against each other because we would grab the same vegetable. and he would mutter a quick sorry and grab a different vegetable.

"hyejin!" hyunjin yelled and hugged me from behind.

"yah! watch out! i'm holding a knife here!" i tell him. he detached himself from me. jaemin trails behind hyunjin.

"hi hyejin!" jaemin smiles.

ugh his stupid smile.

"hey jeno." jaemin greets. jeno smiles back, not saying anything.

"what do you guys want?" i ask hyunjin.

"well... i was wondering if you could lend me some money?" hyunjin says.

"didn't jaehwa give you money?" i question. hyunjin always takes my money. no way am i going to let him spend it for himself.

"well yeah, but i kind of already spent it... so... i need a little bit more. or whatever you can give." hyunjin explains.

"fine. you know where my purse is right? just take some. not all. okay?" he and jaemin both smiled and hugged me.

"thanks!" they shouted at the same time, running off to get my money.

"you're so kind." jeno says. i almost forgot he was there.

"well, i'd feel guilty if i said no." i shrug. he chuckles in a low voice.

"come on, no one would just lend their sibling money." jeno said.

"well, ever since my mom died, i guess my siblings and i felt the need to take care of each other." i didn't even know why i told him.

"sorry to hear that." jeno sympathized.

it turned quiet and we worked without saying another word until the end.

"hey, my friend donghyuck and i are gonna go for some boba. wanna come with?" jeno offered. at first, i wanted to say no, but this was a rare chance.

"sure. i'd love to go." i washed up and grabbed my purse. hyunjin didn't take all my money, thank god.

we were getting to know each other, and i thoroughly enjoyed myself. donghyuck was a real ball of sunshine. he kept the conversation going whenever the two most awkward people, a.k.a lee jeno and i, kim hyejin made it awkward.

jeno's phone rang and he excused himself. i saw the caller id and it was his girlfriend...

brought back to reality where your crush will never like you back... so obviously i couldn't do anything about liking jeno. all i could do was move on.

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