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"hyunjin? jaehwa? have you guys seen a blue box?" i panic as i try to look throughout the house. "it's more of a turquoise color, but it's a cylinder-circle shape type thingy."

"i haven't seen it." jaehwa continues with what she's doing. hyunjin doesn't respond.

"hyunjin! have you seen my box?" i smack him.

"oww! no! i haven't seen your stupid box.." he says.

"i know you're lying. i can hear it in your voice. you're such a horrible liar!" i yell at hyunjin. he lets out a sigh.

"okay, i might have touched your box... and..." he trails off.

"and what? you didn't read the letters, did you?" my shoulders slump. the possibility in hyunjin not reading my letters were very slim to none.

"so, i only read jaemin's one, and i kind of sent them out." hyunjin presses his lips into a thin line.

it felt like someone was choking me and my eyes teared up. my deepest secrets revealed. and i can't undo what's already been done.

the letters got out. the letters freaking got out. i'm screwed.

although i'm not too worried about renjun and chenle. renjun seems too busy with school and chenle went back to china... jisung would probably be too embarrassed to bring it up.

but jeno, oh god i'm dead. donghyuck will defiantly tease me; and minju... she's gonna think bad things... oh no...

i won't be able to face jaemin ever again, and mark... i ruined our friendship.

stupid heart. stupid feelings.

i'm getting pulled under. but this time, i don't think i'll reach the surface ever again.

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