.:chapter twenty-five:.

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"hey, mark. can we talk?" i pulled him aside. he looks at me with sad eyes.

"i don't think your dad would want us talking; since i'm a bad influence on you." he gives a sassy remark.

"look, i don't care about what he says. our friendship is very important to me. i don't want to just throw it all away." i say.

"hyejin... with what happened between us, i don't think that we can go back to being friends." mark says. "but you already knew that. when those letters got sent out, you knew that we wouldn't be able to go back to being friends, regardless of who you chose."

"mark, i-"

"i'm sorry, hyejin." mark apologizes. "we can't go back to how things were."

"mark, wait-"

"goodbye, hyejin."

one year later

"hyejinie!" jeno snuggled in my neck.

"hey jeno." i giggle. "you're being extra clingy today."

"mhmm.. because our anniversary is today!" he exclaims.

"i have a feeling that you've got something planned." i narrow my eyes.

"you bet!" he kissed my cheek. "i'll pick you up at seven, okay? so be ready."

"what should i wear?" i ask. he thinks for a bit.

"just wear something casually nice. more fancier than normal dates, but not too fancy." he gives me an eye smile. "i hope that you like my surprise."

"i'm sure i will."

"that was a good movie." i say. jeno intertwines our fingers and swings our arms back and forth. we walk to the nearby garden park.

"it's kinda sad that flowers, so beautiful, die with in weeks." jeno says, interrupting the silence.

"i guess it is." i agree. "but new flowers will bloom and the whole process repeats itself."

"unlike love." jeno says.

"why's that?" i question. "you can always learn to love again.

"you can only give your heart once. after it's broken, you can only give away pieces of your heart." jeno says. "i don't want to give my heart to anyone but you. i'm not giving you a piece, i'm giving you my whole heart."

"jeno, where is this coming from? are you okay?" i give him a worried look.

"yeah, i'm fine. it's just that i want to make a promise to you. i haven't felt this way with anyone else. the other girls, aren't like you. you're real, and you're just being yourself." jeno explained. he sighed like there was a weight lifted off of his shoulders. "i never give my heart to anyone, but i think you stole it."

"aww, you're so sappy." i cringed.

"only for you." he smiled. "i uhh... have something for you."

he hands me a small little box. i open it and a ring sits inside. it's nothing fancy, it's just a thin silver ring.

"a promise ring?" i look back at him. he nods.

"we're umm... too young to be married." he clears his throat like the awkward person he is. "but some day, i hope we do get married."

silence takes over, and i have no idea what to say to him.

"i love you."

really? that's the first thing that came out of my mouth?

he stands there, eyes wide in shock. he swallowed hard and regained his composure.

"sorry. it's probably too early." i apologized, feeling like an idiot. he swiftly bends down to my height and kisses me softly, and shyly. as we both melted into the kiss, he pulled me closer until there was no space in between us.

"i wanted to be the first to say it." jeno said after we pulled away.

"you're too cute." i pinched his cheek.

"i love you too."


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