five years later: RENJUN

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"hey, why are you eating my food?" renjun asked me. i didn't even look up from my phone.

"i'm hungry." i said, continuing to eat. "i want dessert or something sweet."

"but you literally just ate a whole bunch of food?" renjun said. he quietly sulked. "is it that time of month?"

"okay first of all, don't judge my eating habits. you know i'm self-conscious about that." i scold. "second, yes it is. so get me some pads."

"wait, why do i have to get it by myself?" renjun's face drained of color. "i can go with you, but i don't want to go by myself."

"could you please just go get it? i'm starting to have cramps now." i say. "please... injun?"

"okay." renjun sighed.


renjun walked to the store, mentally preparing himself for the embarrassment. he walked at a fast pace so that he could get it all over with. it wasn't the first time he was going to buy feminine products by himself.

"i'll just walk in and get it. i can do this." renjun gave himself a pep talk. he quickly went into the isle of feminine products; luckily there wasn't anyone in the isle. renjun snatches the package of pads and exits the isle.

"should i also get her something for her cramps?" renjun asks himself. he stopped to get some painkillers. "i should also get some chocolate."

renjun stood in front of the candies, trying to pick out what chocolate to buy. "i'm not just using her as an excuse to buy chocolate."

renjun grabbed an assortment of chocolates. dark, semi-sweet, and milk chocolate; even white chocolate. "oh my god. what about ice cream?.. it wouldn't hurt to get some. she may want it later."

renjun gets a small tub of strawberry ice cream. he felt satisfied with his life choices. renjun walked to the checkout and payed.


"what took you so long?" i complained. renjun walked in with two bags. he set them on the counter and started taking out the contents.

"i got you what you requested, with some additional stuff." renjun says. he places multiple types of chocolates on the counter along with painkillers and ice cream.

"oh my god. marry me." i hug renjun, almost close to tears. "thanks for all of this, you're the best!"

"i was gonna ask you first!" renjun laughs. he goes to one of the drawers and takes out a small box.

"wait, you're really asking me to marry you?" i question. renjun opened the box and showed me the ring.

"so... will you marry me?" renjun asks.

"yes! of course!" i hug him again. this time our lips connected in a loving kiss.

"good because i'm never leaving you." renjun whispered.

"but why did you hide the ring in the kitchen? that's so weird." i said.

"well, i didn't want you to find it in my clothes and i didn't think that you would find it in the kitchen." renjun explained while laughing.



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