🌹dear mark🌹

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dear mark,

my heart is doing that thing again. this time it's stronger than before. maybe my heart is just as confused as my head. i realized how much of a good guy you are. you're not like the rest; something in you is special. you're just easy to be around. nothing awkward, nothing too intense. i wish nothing ever changes. everything about us is perfect. what would liking you do to our friendship?  but it's already hurting us. i'm not able to tell you everything anymore. i can't tell you that i like you. i can't tell you that my heart beats for you now. all the while, you think i'm still getting hurt over donghyuck. now i'm being torn between my feelings and our friendship. i wish i didn't love so easily like this.

please remain by my side when i need you most; no matter what i do or may have done...

kim hyejin

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