.:chapter eighteen:.

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MARK is in first, JENO in second, CHENLE in third. DONGHYUCK has been eliminated.


"so how are things with mark hyung?" jisung asks. he's been that person i rant all my problems to since i can't rant to mark.

"i don't know. it's been weird. i like him, but it doesn't feel right. plus i just straight up broke renjun and jaemin's heart." i say. "and donghyuck makes things harder."

"i'm sure that it will all work out. stay true to yourself, and stay strong." jisung said. "why does donghyuck make things hard?"

"he just broke up with his girlfriend, and i hate that it was because of me." i tell him.

"so you feel guilty?"

"it's more than guilt."

"kim hyejin." minju called me. great, i hope she doesn't attack me.

"hey, minju." i greet. my shoulders slump and she notices. her vibe isn't hostile, but rather regretful.

"i think you deserve the truth." she looks down at the ground, hesitant to continue. "ever since we were in middle school, i wanted to be like you."

"why would you want to be me when you get to be you?" i ask.

"because you're perfect, beautiful, and popular. everyone knows and loves you." she said.

"i'm only known because of my brother. honestly, no one really knows me." i tell her. "not like how you know me."

she smiles at my kindness, but her features turn into a face of guilt.

"why are you being so nice to me? i don't deserve this. after i was so rude to you, don't you hate me?" she asks in disbelief.

"hate is a strong word. i never hated you; i disliked you for a time, but i learned to accept it. and i didn't want our friendship to just disappear." i said. she started to cry. i made two people cry within one week. way to go.

"i don't think that i deserve your friendship." minju says, wiping her tears with her sleeve.

"come on, don't be like this." i comfort her. "you need at least one friend to stand by you, even when you push them away. don't worry, i forgive you."

"thank you for forgiving me." she hugs me.


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