chapter 22

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The spookiest time of the year. I decided to wear my costume to school. I looked pretty hot in it not gonna lie. I walked to school with the guys and they kept looking at my body. Silly boys. When I get to school I see other Soc boys checking me out and greasy boys whistle at me. I see Steve get tense. I would never go for him and I know he wouldn't go for me. We are close like siblings, same with me and Soda. The difference between them is that Steve is the protective type.
I enjoyed getting all this attention from the guys. I saw Soc girls give me glares. Some girls boyfriends even checked me out. Funny. School went fast and after school I was really hyped up. I went home with Winter, Brooke and Ash. Brooke was a vampire. Winter was wearing a duck mask and Ash was being a Soc. Pure comedy if you ask me. We all get ready and make eachother look even better than we already do. We were a good group. Prettier than other girls and more badass than other girls. Most greaser girls are just complete sluts or don't take care of themselves.
We all looked really good so we decided to go see the guys. We walk to the basement where everyone hangs out. The Curtis' and Winters gang were all down there. We all down and all the guys look stunned. We all sat down and they had opened mouths. "You're gonna catch flies boys." Winter says smirking and they just ignore and start talking about random shit. Later we all help set up for the party.
As the sunsets it turns to night and everyone starts coming. The alcohol is served and I just drink away. My body will get back at me later. I was probably the most drunk but I just got drunk to get away the thoughts of Dallas. And frankly it worked. "Hey pretty lady." Atticus says drunk as well and I wrap my arms around him and just make out with him. I hear other guys from his gang whistle. We made out for awhile but then I heard that accent. His accent. That New York accent. I pull out and I see him talking to Soda. "I-I'm gonna be sick. I run away to the bathroom and I start throwing up. Then I feel hands wrap around my hair and rubbing my back. I stopped throwing up for a second and I saw Winter. I throw up a bit more and I get over it and wipe my mouth and rinse it with mouthwash. I hug her and I start crying. I'm a very weird drunk.
Some people are happy drunks, crazy drunks, sad drunks, mad drunks.. well I'm all the above. "Why is he back?!" I say crying my eyes out ruining my make up. She pulls away and wipes my face trying to save my makeup. "He doesn't deserve your tears girl. Show him how hot you are and how you can be a bad bitch without him." It makes me smile. "I love you Winter." "I love you too Amber." She holds her hand out and I take her hand and we walk out. We just dance together and Ash and Brooke join us. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder. "Can I talk to you?" I turn around and face Dallas. He looks real good.
I sigh and take his hand and go outside. "What?" I say flat slurring my words. "You look beautiful." He says with a slight smile. I nod. "So what do you want?" I say resting against the house because I can't keep my balance. "I'm sorry for how I treated you when you came to visit. I-I just don't want you getting hurt Amber." I shake my head. "You hurt me. I get all dolled up to see you and you question why I'm like there. I feel this feeling towards you and you fuck me over. You need to get your priorities straight because I can't just be one of your fuck buddies." I say slurring my words and tears start to form. "So what you can have fuck buddies?! I know about you and that kid Atticus. What's up with that?!" I get even more mad. "You didn't want to fucking see me and you are questioning why I'm trying to do?! Are you fucking kidding me?!" I push him backwards and stumble and he catches me and I push him again. "Don't fucking touch me." I run away stumbling and I get away. I go to the abandoned house I went to that first night I got kicked out. I just lose it and I start throwing everything and breaking glass and screaming like a maniac.
I haven't been this angry and since I found out my dad died. I destroy what's left of the house. Then I hear the door open and I hide in a closet. "Did you guys hear something in here?" I hear a boy say. I know that voice. "Yeah it sounded like one of those dope heads." Garret. I would know that high pitch get deep voice anywhere. My eyes open when I hear Bob speak. I hear them stepping on glass and I hold my mouth tightly shut. Then I see someone open the door and I see Randy. He looks at me confused. "Anything in there Randy?" I hear another boy ask. He shakes his head and looks at me concerned and guilty. "Nah nothings in here." Then I hear a girl. "Maybe we could have a party here." Zoe. Randy shuts the door and I hear him walk away and I hear more people walk past the door. I hear everyone go upstairs and I hear randy say something. He comes back and opens the door and whispers. "You need to get out of here now." I nod and he helps me sneak out.
I thought he wasn't friends with them anymore. He gets me out a way where the upstairs windows won't see me. I go to the woods and I just walk around. I find a big tree and I just sit there crying.
Why am I like this? Why couldn't have I just talked to Dallas? Why did I have to get drunk?

Sooooo a lot happened here lmfao. I think this story is messy but when I'm done with it I'm gonna edit it a bit but with almost 200 views I'm so happy with this! And 2 votes which is good aswell. Keep voting and maybe start commenting? I love you guys!

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