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That Look (Hiccup x Reader) by Orange6670
That Look (Hiccup x Reader)by Shiryō
Hi, I'm (Y/n)! This is my story; well, my version of it. This is the story of how I met my best friends, my absolute best friend (my dragon) and became an ultimate drago...
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Reader by MultiFandomAccount0
HTTYD/RTTE One Shots - X Readerby ♡ Unknown ♡
*** REQUESTS CLOSED *** My one shot book for the HTTYD/RTTE fandom. Most are X Readers, while a few are OC inserts (per requests). Characters that I have one shots for s...
electric (COMPLETED) by sweetpeasprincess_
electric (COMPLETED)by Francesca
she's a greaser who didn't have a place where she belonged. her father died and her mother is a bad drug addict. let's just say her home life isnt good. she does stupid...
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story (HTTYD) by MultiFandomAccount0
To The End - A Tuffnut Love Story...by ♡ Unknown ♡
(COMPLETED) Once their time in the Great Beyond had come to an end, the riders returned to Berk for good. But thier search for new islands and dragons was far from over...
A Shooting Star ~Kirby and Sonic crossover~ by TheYokaiBorb
A Shooting Star ~Kirby and Sonic c...by TheYokai
*Credit to @CartoonistDreamer for this AWESOME cover!* SPOILERS FOR KIRBY AND THE FORGOTTEN LAND! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! (This fanfiction will contain elements from the...
College, Love, and Hockey by tuff_enough
College, Love, and Hockeyby cj butterfield
The second book of the series "Where do I Begin?". Courtney Jane has moved back to Tennessee, her home town, and lives in a condo with her room mate, May. She...
||The Dragon Boy|| A HTTYD Short Story|| by blazingstar29
||The Dragon Boy|| A HTTYD Short S...by blazingstar29
Hi guys this is my first HTTYD fan fic on my new account! A strange man in a strange armour turn up on the shores of Berk. Not looking like a Viking, the inhabitants o...
The Outsiders Headcanons & Facts by gothiccrab
The Outsiders Headcanons & Factsby eva
- Things people tend to forget about The Outsiders - Headcanons - Movie Facts If I missed any facts, PLEASE tell me
The Tale of a Goddess (Astrid x Reader) by Hiccstridlover47
The Tale of a Goddess (Astrid x Re...by Hiccstridlover47
I'm not good with these. Update when I can
Born a Dragon Rider (hiccup x f! reader) by space_baby_777
Born a Dragon Rider (hiccup x f! r...by space_baby_777
Y/n has always been Hiccup's best friend. She has also always calmed the dragons around her, yet no one knows why (yet). She is the "sister" of Astrid Hofferso...
Mi Reina (Meta Knight x Female Reader) by Bundlespark
Mi Reina (Meta Knight x Female Rea...by Bundlespark
Made this book for those meta knight fans. Because I don't seem to see recent updates so I'm making my own. :)
Sky Walker|Sodapop Curtis by yellowsdaffodils
Sky Walker|Sodapop Curtisby yellowsdaffodils
Kathryn William, most commonly known as Katy, doesn't lead the typical Soc life. In fact, her life as a Soc is the complete opposite. Her and her Greaser best friend, Ad...
Kirby x Meta Knight  -  human girl Kirby!! With lots of 𝓻𝓸𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓬𝓮  by wiccawiccawoo69
Kirby x Meta Knight - human girl...by Wicca
Have you been looking for a story that follows the love story of human Meta Knight and girl Kirby? Well your in luck!! This fan fic tells the story of how Meta and Kirb...
The Girl and Her Dragon (A Fem Hiccup AU) by teaandstargazing
The Girl and Her Dragon (A Fem Hic...by teaandstargazing
Everyone knows the story, but what would happen if Hiccup was the chief's daughter. Being a outsider trying to fit in a viking world is hard enough, add a dragon into th...
Rtte Group Chats by Toothless_Hiccup676
Rtte Group Chatsby Hannah the Sheep
If Race to the Edge texted🤔
The Missing Ally by TheArtistEntertainer
The Missing Allyby 丅ᗩᗴ ᗪᖇᗩᗯᔕ✎
After 4 Years of Escargoon leaving Dreamland many things have changed. The people who live in town. Or some people's attitudes in general. But when the mollusk decides t...
A Little Star  by 0themoonknight0
A Little Star by Moon
Hello peeps! This is my first fanfic so it probably won't be that good. Well try to update as frequently as possible. A little pink puffball named Kirby as done many he...
Dedede X Escargon One-Shots by kirbymaster101
Dedede X Escargon One-Shotsby kirbymaster101
Some one-shots of one of my all time favorite OTP's, Dedede x Escargon/Escargoon, or Dedesuka! I love this ship so much!!! They are soo cute together, and are pretty mu...
Game Kirby and Anime Kirby react to stuff and meet each other by hackerboiii
Game Kirby and Anime Kirby react t...by Nia Nwafor élève
(Long Title I Know) My brain wouldn't let concentrate in school until I made this so here it is! I'll try my best for the Anime Character but for the Game Characters it...