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True Pain~ Dallas Winstons Sister by GabbysASimp
True Pain~ Dallas Winstons Sisterby Www.I’mASimp.com
Bailey Winston is Dallas Winston's 15, almost 16 year old sister. Dallas has had to raise her for the past 7 years ever since their father went M.I.A, and their mother d...
The Baby Of The Gang (Outsiders Sister Fanfic) by youtube_greaser
The Baby Of The Gang (Outsiders Si...by youtube_greaser
Dakota Liza Curtis is the almost 6 year old sister of the Curtis brothers. She looks more like her mother though. She's the highlight of the gang. She's the only kid tha...
my baby girl  ( Dally X Reader ) by Thetoughestpotato
my baby girl ( Dally X Reader )by A tough potato
Y/n,'rebel' had just moved to tulsa Oklahoma with her best friend flake and flace and it started out good.Y/n had a terrible childhood and that got her tough. She had a...
Outsiders smut {Wattys 2017} by Philomena-Umbra
Outsiders smut {Wattys 2017}by Philomena Umbra
just a lot of smut with these lovely gentleman! Cover by Madison @winonias Thanks
Johnny Cade Smuts by Cades80sBitch
Johnny Cade Smutsby
Hi. This is my first smut book... And yes it's smuts about Johnny Cade from The Outsiders. It's y/n x Johnny. Please no hate I'm just trying to live my life and write. A...
the outsiders | imagines by vintageslutlmao
the outsiders | imaginesby slutforpeliculas
outsiders x fem! reader imagines read the introduction for request instructions ! requests [ TEMPORARILY CLOSED ] UNDER EDITING
Great Outsiders Imagines and Preferences  by Outsiders_Obsession
Great Outsiders Imagines and Prefe...by Outsiders_Obsession
• Book closed • no socs •
Yellow - The Outsiders by finniccodair
Yellow - The Outsidersby sugar cube?
In which Thalia Smith falls for Dallas Winston. Or maybe it's the other way around
The Outsiders Imagines/Headcannons by Halohalo_mamon
The Outsiders Imagines/Headcannonsby Nutella
Just some imagines and head cannons about the beloved greasers from S.E. Hinton's novel and the popular 80's movie, The Outsiders. Warning ⚠️ There is some language, mi...
Please never fall in love again {Dallas Winston X reader} by xxdanicalxx
Please never fall in love again {D...by xxdanicalxx
"Remember that time you fell out my window and nearly broke your neck? Well when I was driving you to the hospital and I looked at you through my rearview mirror sm...
The Curtis sister oneshots  by m4rv3l_f4n
The Curtis sister oneshots by ゴリラズ!
This is just a fluffy oneshot book of the Curtis brothers and an oc of mine. The lore of the book will be ignored The only character that belongs to me is my oc. These...
the outsiders smut by putainjeune
the outsiders smutby mae
idk if anyone is actually gonna read this
80s imagines ▸ gif series  ✓ by rafesaesthetic
80s imagines ▸ gif series ✓by °˖✧
Basically what the title says!
tutor||ponyboy curtis ✓ by lindseybeth678
tutor||ponyboy curtis ✓by jackie burkhearts <3
when ponyboy curtis is pushed into being the colored girls tutor the barriers of race break
cut my lip ☽  ponyboy curtis by heavnheartd
cut my lip ☽ ponyboy curtisby alice ☻︎
he cut his lip. but he kept going. i know he will.
The outsiders - imagines  by Jtboccardo
The outsiders - imagines by joanna
I'm not gonna write to often probably only when I get a really good idea. Request open no smut. We have family friendly outsiders content. If you get the reference plea...
ROAD RAGE. by allursive
ROAD RAGE.by nervous wreck
In Love With a Randle by DallyxPop101
In Love With a Randleby Dally.x.Destler
- COMPLETED - "If you didn't know already I'm Y/N, I'm sodas twin and I'm only an hour and 5 minutes younger then him still making me 16 though it's like they don't...
East West Sunset - A Darry Curtis Fanfiction by uhgracewolff
East West Sunset - A Darry Curtis...by Grace Wolff
An Outsiders Fanfiction // Darry Curtis Fanfiction ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Diana Jean has lived with her single mother, a former hei...