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We looked around town for what felt like hours

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We looked around town for what felt like hours. Then I spot Hannah. She's crying to what looks like a somewhat older man. Could that be him? He looks to be in his early 20s late teens. "Guys.." I say pointing at them. We just watch their moves probably just looking like a stalker. I see her looks this direction and point and I see him starting to walk our direction. My eyes widen when I see he looks pissed and is running. "Guys we gotta go." I grab Brooke and she runs and so does everyone else. We all run at a equal speed and get to Winters house and run in and we lock the door. We hear pounding and yelling. "Open up I just want to talk!" I hear the man pleading. "Come oh Amber please!" He yells. "Get your blades out and go on both sides of the house and one person stay at the door." I whisper and they nod. I go outside.

(Logan)     "You got so big

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    "You got so big." Logan says looking at me with wide happy eyes. I awkwardly smile because I don't remember him. "Do I know you?" "I'm your brother" I look uncomfortable for the question I'm about to ask. "Were you a affair baby?" He laughs and shakes his head. "Mom and dad had me. No affair. We are full siblings." He says smiling. I smile awkwardly and nod. "So why weren't you ever at home?" "I didn't want to come home." He says "I stayed with our Grandma." I nod and just look at him confused. "You know how old your baby momma is right?" I say looking at him with somewhat judgey eyes and he nods. "Yeah I know, but I love our child. I'm a man of my word I promise I wouldn't let a thing happen to that baby and I meant it." I nod and smile alittle.
my smile quickly fades. "Why didn't you ever try to visit me at all?" "Well I've been busy with the baby and everything." He says defending himself. "Wanna come see her?" I smile at the thought of having a niece. "It's a girl?" I say with a soft smile and he nods. I look down realizing what that will do it Dallas and I shake my head. "I can't, I'm sorry." I say looking down. "Hey its all right. Maybe another time wanna come by?" Logan suggests and I look up and smile. "What's her name?" "Blair." He says with a smile which makes me smile. "Well." I say looking down and around. "It was nice seeing you." Logan looks confused. "What do you mean? We just met up for the first time in forever and now you wanna leave?" He says getting mad. I look at him confused. "I have to do somethings but I promise I'll visit." I say hoping to calm him down put he gets pissed and just walks away. I roll my eyes and all the girls go back inside. We all get wine because we were feeling classy. I rolled my eyes many times throughout the story. I don't know if I should trust my may be brother, or if I should just let it go?
"You should go see the baby." Brooke says smiling. "Yeah we'll come with you." Ash says smiling at me and I look down. "I don't know guys.. this all just seems.." I say dragging on the sentence not knowing how to finish it. "Sus?" Winter says with a obvious look and I nod. "Yeah, I don't think you should mess with him.. he looks weird. Just watching him I don't know." She says with confusion laced in her voice. "Yeah I get it. Maybe it's just too good to be true. And his story makes no sense." I say looking at them and they all nod in agreement.
What did I get myself into?

HELLOOOOO people so I'm currently writing a Sweet Pea x OC fanfic! I'm gonna do it differently than this one. I'm gonna save it all to a draft then edit it all but I'm on my fourth chapter in that book! I am sorry if this was short but I'm getting into more details with the love birds in the next chapter. I'm thinking like 10 more chapters and I'll end it and if you guys really want a second then I'll do a second! Sorry it was a long authors note I love you all

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