chapter 27

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After about a week they say I'm good to leave the hospital

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After about a week they say I'm good to leave the hospital. Dallas, Soda and Steve wanted to walk me home so they did. Then I see this blonde girl walking towards us. I see Steve get stiff and Soda clenches his jaw. Dallas didn't really notice but when he looks up he went completely pale. "Did ya miss me Dally?" I look confused. "Who are you exactly?" I say with a attitude and she looks me up and down. "I'm Hannah. And you are?" I look around confused and I look at Dallas who is still frozen.
I smirk. "I'm Dallas' girl. Amber Evans." She looks around. "Evans.. I know that name. You got a brother?" I look confused. "I ain't got no siblings." It looks like something clicked on her head.
"You're Logan's sister. Your daddy's name is Daniel ain't it?" I freeze. My dad had a kid too? Why didn't I know about this? I shake my head. "That ain't my father." She laughs. "I can see right through ya. Your brother will flip when he finds out about how his sister is with the baddest greaser in town." I just give her a look. "Are you on crack?" She gives me a disgusted look. "I have a kid I ain't on crack. It's your brothers kid." After Dallas hears that he storms off and I chase after him.
"Dallas!" I scream. He turns around and he was so mad he was crying. I've never seen him cry before. "Did you know about this?" I shake my head and hold his face. "D-Dallas I didn't even know my father had a affair too.." he gets pissed and punches a fence and i go over to him and see it's bloody. "P-please calm down." I look up to him with pleading eyes and he just hugs me tight. "You better promise me right now Amber Evans that you'll never cheat on me." "I promise Dallas." I say with all honesty. I'm not a cheater and I never will be one. I think cheaters are scum bags.
I just hug Dallas tight not wanting to let him go. But I need to find out more about my brother. Who is he. Logan Evans? Why didn't I know about him? "I-I just can't believe my dad had a affair.. I-i thought he was better than my mom.." Dallas pulls away and holds my face. "We will figure all this out okay?" I nod and smile and we kiss again.
I love kissing him. It makes me feel so secure. I never felt this way about anyone before. He just makes me feel happy. I haven't felt this kind of happy in years. We go back to the Curtis' and explain to the guys what happened. Two-Bit got mad about Hannah coming back. Him and Dallas are pretty close so it makes sense. I just can't stop thinking about the fact I have a brother. My father didn't seem like the type to have a affair. Could it have been a previous marriage? "Guys I'll be back.." I say and Dallas protests to come with me and I tell him to stay and that I'll be back later.
I go out to adventure to fight my brother. Then I just see Hannah lurking.
"What do you want blondie." I say harsh. "I want Dally." She says getting in my face and I laugh. "He's mine.. shouldn't have fucked my brother and maybe you would've still had him." I say smirking and she slaps me. "I will wipe that snarky smirk off your damn face." She says getting more in my face. "Wanna bet?" I say and I punch her in the face and bring her to the floor. I pin her to the ground and spit in her face. "Stay out of my way and stay away from Dallas or I'll kill you." I flip out my blade and hold it to her neck and cut a small cut and she winces. I lean forward into her ear. "You couldn't beat me on my worst day bitch. And tell my brother I said hi." I get off her and put my blade away and I turn around waving at her and she's getting up from the ground. I got her real good.
I decide to go to Ash's and tell the girls about what happened. They agreed to help me find my brother. We walk around town looking for people that looked like me. I look a lot like my father so if he looks anything like my dad then it will be somewhat easy. After a couple hours of looking there was still no sign of him. But then I started thinking, do I really want to know my brother? I mean what if he's rude like Zoe or is a Soc. He'd hate me.
Why do I get myself in these situations.

woooooo so messy again but Dallas are basically together but not idk they are complicated rn lmfaoo I hope you guys are enjoying!

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