chapter 12

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"Now what would he want

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"Now what would he want." I say in my head looking at him pissed off. "What are you doing with that Soc?!" Dallas says screaming. He sounds crazy. "We are hanging out. Why does it matter to you aren't you with that Sylvia chick? Or Cherry? Or wait is there more?" I say challenging Dallas. He gets angry. "Sylvia and I are on a break and Cherry asked me to do that. I wasn't into it or nothing." He says with a attitude. I roll my eyes and light a cancer stick and take a long drag. He's pissing me off. I ignore his statement and just continue smoking my cigarette. "Listen to me damn it!" He screams. "Dallas shut the fuck up." I yell back.
He gets the maddest I've ever seen him get. At this point I could tell he was drunk. He gets in my face. "I will never fucking speak to you again if you go for that trash." He says with a scary look on his face. "Then don't ever speak to me again. You ain't my father." I spat and he pushes me and I fall and he walks away. I am shocked. I sit there staring at him hoping he will come back and ask me if I'm okay or at least apologizes. Nothing. He just walks to the Curtis house smoking a cigarette.
A small tear falls from my eyes. I wipe it away fast. I can't believe he would've done that. I pull myself together and walk over to Ashley's house. She opens the door and smiles. "Hey Evans." "Hey ash." I say walking in. She shuts the door and we sit in a circle on her bed. We just gossiped about Socs and gangs and boys. Usual girl stuff I guess. Ashley has the biggest crush on Soda. Not a shocker almost every girl has the hits for him. Brooke likes a Soc. She looks like a Soc all right but she just doesn't live on the right side of town to be one. And that Soc happens to be Randy. Now that's a shocker.
I've heard rumors he hates the "Soc vs Greaser" bullshit but who knows. A rumor is a rumor.
Then it gets to me, "So girl what guys are you crushing on?" Brooke says peppy. "Well me and Bob are going on a date. Dallas is really mad about it. I don't see why I mean it makes no sense. He freaked out and pushed me." I say and Ashley looks pissed and Brooke gasps. "He pushed you?!" Ashley says and I nod. "Well we gotta teach that boy a lesson don't we?" Ashley says smirking. "How the hell would we do that Ash?" Brooke says confused. I wear a matching smirk on my face knowing what Ashley is thinking. Bucks. "Let's get ready ladies." Ashley says. We all jump up and get ready. Brooke does our makeup and we pick out some of Ashley's moms clothes.
Her mom doesn't care. She's really sweet and is really calm about partying and stuff. We pick out stuff and Ashley and Brooke mess with my hair to give it softer curls. We all look at eachother and we all are satisfied with how we look. We smile and Ashley's mom drives us all to Bucks. We get out and walk in. I spot Soda, Steve, Two-bit and Dallas. Dallas and Two-bit has girls next to them. We brushed that aside and went to the bar. Buck gave us all drinks and we were downing drinks one by one.
Surprisingly Ashley was the first one to be drunk. I am starting to feel the alcohol take over my body when I look over at Dallas. He was making out with not one, but two girls.
I get up and storm over and I push the girls off him and slap him really hard in the face. The guys look at me shocked and Dallas looks pissed. "Amber you should go." Soda says with a concerned look on his face. "No," I say slurring my words. "He can do what he wants with like every girl and I can't even go on a date, like who do you think you are buddy?!" I try to push him but I felt my body getting heavy so I just stand back up.
Ashely and Brooke come over. I see Steve and Soda eyeballing Ashley. But that's not my concern right now. Before I know it I feel someone grab my wrist and pull me away. It was Dallas.
"Why? What are you doing? This isn't you." Dallas says. "Yeah you think you know me?!" I challenge him. "You dont know, like shit. Im a closed book buddy." I say slurring my words and falling over myself. I get nauseous and run to a bathroom. I throw up and I feel someone hold my hair back. After I finish I see Dallas holding my hair back. I flush the toilet and wipe my mouth. "Yeah thanks." I say with a annoyed look and Dallas just laughs.
The one thing I wouldn't imagine is how much would happen Friday.

Hello everyone! So next chapter will be a lot more. Lotssss of drama. So I hope you all will enjoy that. And do you guys like Bob and Amber? By the way before Dally and Amber get together there will be one more love interest🤪  Sorry to tease you guys but like I said earlier in the book I want to make this book a long one. Also I'm not gonna follow the plot where Johnny kills Bob bc I want Johnny and Dally to live bc they are my loves. Sorry this is long I hope you all had a good day ❤️❤️

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