chapter 10

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That man

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That man. I just stare at him. "You know the doctors said you can leave.." he says optimistic. "Great." I say with no emotion. I start to get up and I can stand pretty well on my own. I put my stuff in my backpack and go to the bathroom and change. I've missed my leather jacket, I didn't look tuff with that lousey hospital gown.
I change into the clothes I wore when I first got put in here. Memories man. I walk out and kinda shoe Dallas. He looks at me confused and I give him a look and he leaves. I turn my back to Zoe's father and i put my stuffed animals I got from the gang in a bag.
"Why were you so mean to Zoe? She told me what happened.." I smirked. She's the definition of a crybaby. I ignore that mans statement.
"Amber Grace Evans turn around and talk to me I'm speaking to you!" He says raising his voice. I make a face with my back still turned and turn around. "I don't like Zoe, and I hate you." I say flat out. I grab my stuff and start to walk out when Zoe's dad cuts me off. Now I can tell he's high off dope. "Listen, I'm sorry for how I treated you daughter. And for not talking to you when you were talking to me, now I gotta be going." I say sounding apologetic. I didn't mean anything I was saying. I just know how to get out of bad situations.
I can tell he was less annoyed and smiled and let me out. I walked out and met up with Dallas. He questions what happened and I just told him I handled it and that it's not a issue. He kinda shrugged it off but I knew it was still on his mind. I didn't feel like going home. The gang welcomed me and we all played games and we watched Mickey Mouse and ate chocolate cake.
I look at the time and see that I should start to head home. I gather my things and Dallas offers to walk me home and I said no. I just kinda wanted to think.
I start to walk home when I hear that blue mustang. shit. I hear Bob get out. "Hey Amber!" I hear him yell. Only he got out of the car. Strange. I turn around "this can be a fair fight" I thought in my head. He looks down looking guilty. "Im sorry." He says. I look at him shocked. "Did I just hear you correctly or did you just apologize to me." I say confused.
Bob Sheldon. The biggest dick I know just said sorry? This must be some real bullshit.
"Look don't make me repeat myself, I've been going off getting drunk because I found out what Cherry has been doing behind my back with some greaser... no offense" "none taken" I say unphased. "So I'm just saying sorry for how things have went and I want to make it up to you." I look at him and laugh alittle. "What are you implying Robert?" "Wanna go on a date with me? We can do to the dingo and then the drive in." He says. I look shocked. What is going on am I in Tulsa? Is this a Alternate universe? "Wait, you are asking me? On a date? I thought you hated greasers." I say with a stern tone. He sighs and looks down. "I don't know Amber I feel shitty for how I've been to you and I just want to make it up to you. How about I give you a ride home?" I nod and get in the car with him. I felt like someone was watching me but I didn't pay attention to it.
Bob drives down the long roads and pulls up to my house and turns to me. "Friday night. 7 pm. Dress nice. Be ready." He says in a playful tone. I let out a small giggle and nod. "Night Sheldon." "Night Evans"

Sorry it took me years to update I'm back and will update more but LMFAO PLOT TWIST PEOPLE but she will be back to Dallas soon they will have their love affair but it will end in drama dw. After she gets over this love she will start to develop more feelings towards her future lover Dally🤪🤪 comment and vote if you like thank you ily all

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