chapter 2

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I took some money out of my desk and I decided to walk to the dingo

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I took some money out of my desk and I decided to walk to the dingo. I usually go there to clear my head. Plus my mother doesn't cook so a girl has to eat. I start walking down the street and I hear a mustang speeding down the road. I automatically know it's a Soc and I get my blade out ready to fight.

As they pull over I stop and turn around. I'm not scared of no Soc. I usually get in a lot of fights with them. Zoe usually gives me lectures to stop. I don't listen. Four guys get out of the car and surround me. "Hey Amber, where are you going?" Bob says while twirling my hair. I smirk and step forward. "I'm going to grab a bite. So before I pull a knife on your ass I suggest you get out of my way" I mess up his curly dirty blonde hair and smirk and start to walk off. Randy trails behind me with the other boys. "C'mon A we just want to have some fun" he says while the four boys say trying to catch up to me.

"If you're looking for fun maybe you can call my sister, I hear she likes to give boys like you a good time." I say while I keep speed walking down the street. They catch up and surround me again but this time they keep a closer circle around me. Another boy named Garret speaks up, "We like the frisky girls more if you know what I mean" he says smirking and all the guys start laughing and I pull my knife out on him and hold it to his neck. Before I could say a witty comeback Bob grabs me from behind and slams me against a metal fence. I drop my blade and try pushing Bob off. He was too strong and already had a good grip on me. He kept kissing down my neck and I kept trying to push away. Suddenly I feel weight lifted off my arms and I see Bob get slammed to the ground by 3 boys.

The first boy had dirty blonde hair, I think I recognized him from school but all I know is that boy sure does love Mickey Mouse. The next boy I've seen working at the DX. He was the brightest blue eyes and is a very sweet boy. The last boy who is pounding Bob, is wearing a leather jacket, not that much grease in his hair, and wears a chain around his neck. I know exactly who that boy is. He's Dallas Winston. He's one of the baddest greasers in town, also my sister had a crush on him for two years but was too chicken to talk to him.

After I collect myself and I pick up my blade I run over to Dallas who is taking on two guys at once, I go to the other boy who I've honestly never seen before and kick him where it hurts. He falls to the ground and Dallas stops punching Bob. All the Socs run back to their cars and speed away. "Hey you alright? " the boy with the bright blue eyes asks in concern. "Yes I'm okay, thank you for stepping in, but I would've been fine." I say kinda embarrassed. I never needed help in a fight, ever. I can usually take socs. groups of guys or girls or just a one on one fight.

The boy with the Mickey Mouse shirt smiles but then it quickly turns to a frown. "You're bleeding, are you okay?" I felt blood in the back of my head and on the side on my neck, and a little bit of blood on my cheek. shit. "Oh yeah it's okay. It's only a little blood I'll live." I smirk trying to hide the fact I was confused and kinda scared. Dallas was looking really pissed off examining my scratches. He mumbles something under his breathe and then looks towards the direction the car went.

The boy with the light blue eyes spoke up trying to lighten the mood. "Well I'm Sodapop. that's Two-Bit and that's Dally" I smile, "I'm Amber. "You should come back to the Curtis house, Darry can help fix your scars up real good. Plus you can was Mickey with me!" Two-Bit says smiling and getting really excited. I giggle but I notice it starts to get late. I don't care my mother probably didn't even realize I left. I agreed and we started walking to the Curtis house. Soda and Two-Bit we're making small talk with me.

I found out Soda was a drop out, he would've been in my grade. And Two-Bit is in my grade but he was supposed to graduate like 2 years ago. I guess that's what happens when you don't do your work in school. Dallas was real quiet. I wanted to talk to him but I didn't know what to say. "Hey man I have to go take care of some business. Maybe I'll stop by later. Nice meetin you Amber" he says without looking at me and walks off before I could say a thing.

What's his problem?

Ciao friends this was probably SOOOOOO messy but hey I'm trying. If you have any tips on how to improve my writing please comment I really want to get better. I hope you are enjoying if you aren't I'm sorry I'm really trying.

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