chapter 15

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We walk to the west side

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We walk to the west side. Once we cross the border everyone goes ape shit. Throwing rocks at windows and cars, carving names into cars, it's some crazy shit. Darry just kinda stays back, he isn't in that kid mentally I guess. Winter grabs my hand and me and her run up to a house and we throw rocks at windows and then we go by the door but then winter pushes me to the side of the house and we hear a gun cock. We are shocked. We hear a shot fire and everyone starts screaming. I see the gang running away with Darry and I see Dallas looking for me. I go to go run out but winter grabs my arm. "Stay against the house don't move." She says with wide eyes. I nod and I just stay put. We see a greaser on the floor but we didn't know them that well. My eyes widen when I see they are dead. Then I see Winters gang I see Ash running with that boy who I'm assuming is her brother and I guess the guy looking around is Winters brother. They are freaking out looking for her. I see the guy with the gun point it by them. He shoots but nearly misses Brooke's head. After that they stop looking and I see a attractive boy grab her hand and they all run off.
"When I count to three, run in a diagonal." Winter says with wide eyes. I nod. "One" I hear her whisper and I see him shoot again. "Two" he shoots again. "Three." We both run from the side of the house and we hear a gun shots. We run in diagonals but a gun just brushed past my shoulder and rips my skin. I scream in pain. Winter turns around and helps me up and then we tried to run. We end up getting out of range and we sit by a bus stop. "Are you okay?!" She says with wide eyes trying to stop my bleeding. I rip apart my shirt and nod and give it to her to wrap.
"That was fucking crazy" She says with adrenaline still running in her veins. "That gun was unnecessary." I say groaning. She nods. "Let me bring you back to my gang they can help you." I nod and she helps me back. I walk in and Ash and Brook come up to me and sees I got hurt. They help me over to the couch. One younger looking boy gives me ice and another attractive boy gave me a spare shirt. I think it was Ash's brother. I just couldn't stop thinking about Dallas. I'm hoping he's okay. The gang is probably worried sick. A attractive boy holds his hand out. "I'm Atticus and you must be Amber." I smile and nod. Winter rolls her eyes. Her gang introduces themselves. I keep seeing David look at me but I let it roll off.
"I need to get going. I haven't been home in days." I get up and say bye. Jax gives me a blade bigger than the one I've had previously. I thank him and leave. I walk home with no issues and when I walk in my mother runs up to me and hugs me.
She hugs me. I make a confused face and I pat her back and pull away. She was sober, surprisingly. She sees my shoulder. "Are you okay? What happened Amber?" "Nothing you need to worry about I walk past her and as I go upstairs Zoe meets me at the top of the stairs and stabs me in the face. "Are you serious?! You took part in that greaser riot?!" I laugh and walk in my room and light a cigarette. "Answer me damn it!" She screams. "Sure as hell I did." She rolls her eyes. "And you got shot?! You could've been killed!" She says concerned. "Like you care. You could care less about what would happen to me." I say harsh and she doesn't back away. "No because you think this whole house is so against you when we arent! You just want the pity." She says back harsh. I stand up and get in her face. "That's why on my first day of school you wouldn't talk to me because you didn't want you friends to see you talking to a greaser. Your father couldn't give a shit I am a bastard to him. And our mother hates me. She hits me all the time and this is the first time in years she is sober. And you only talk to me when you think your opinion means shit. So back off." I say pushing her. I turn around and she pushes me back. I stumble and turn around with a smirk and I push her into the wall into the hallway and punch her in the face. She screams and her father and my mother run up. He grabs me with force and gets in my face. "Get out of my house." "It was my house first." I spat and I walk past my mother and she tries to protest and to get me back. He follows me and continues to yell. He pushes me and I pull the blade Jax gave me out and I point it at him.
Everyone looks shocked and Zoe looks scared. "Don't touch me." I say harsh staring at him in the eyes and I walk out the house not looking bad.
Great now I'm homeless.

Hello everyone I feel like this was messy too but I will edit everything and I'll make things better. I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. Let me know if you have any ideas or want anything to happen.

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