chapter 16

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I walk the quiet streets of Tulsa

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I walk the quiet streets of Tulsa. I hear that mustang not being in the mood to deal with what is about to come. I turn around already having my blade out and only Randy gets out of the car.
"Look I'm not here to start problems. I just want to talk." He says with a calm tone. "Can you come in the car? It's cold." I nod and I get in. I inspect it and no one is in the car ready to slit my throat. "Look I'm sorry about Bob. He really does care about you." He says looking at me in the eyes. I roll my eyes. "Whatever I felt is gone, you can tell him that because he's getting no second chances.
He nods and looks at my shoulder. "Is that from the riot?" I nod. "I'm sorry about that, Garrett's dad has a gun, it was probably him he was bragging about how he shot some greasers. I-I just wish this didn't exist.." he says looking down. "But it does." I say flatly. "I know but why? I mean we are all kids that are fucked, even for Socs it's rough." "Not like greasers, you guys have futures and money to pay for college. You guys get anything and everything you want and proceed to treat us like we are below you because we are more poor than the middle class." I say debating his statement.
"I'm gonna run away, I don't even know why I'm telling you this but I can't do this anymore. It's driving me insane how everyone is so against each other." I am shocked. He's really different. "Don't run away Randy." I say. He shakes his head. "That's the only way I can get away from this. Don't you want to run away sometimes?" I nod. "I mean I just got kicked out so I basically am a run away." "Why?" "I hit my Soc sister." He looks confused. "Zoe is my half sister." He looks shocked. I guess he realizes it because we have similar features of our mother. "I'm sorry Amber." I shrug it off. I take out my old blade and give it to him. "Take this, you'll probably come across some weird people. I doubt you have a gun or anything but you gotta protect yourself." He takes it and smiles. "If you ever want to run away try to find me." He says in a joking way and I laugh. "Will do Randy. Be safe." He nods and I squeeze his hand. "Thank you." He says with sadness in his eyes. "Don't thank me." I smile and I get out.
After that he drives away.
The only good Soc is now leaving. Great. I keep walking. I felt like I was walking for hours. I ended up going to this abandoned house by the woods. I go in and find a place to sleep. I lay down and I close my eyes and knock out.
The next morning I just stay in the house and explore. I found old family pictures of the people that lived here. They looked real happy. I also found stuffed animals and little trinkets lying around. Then I just say dream about having a family.
Once the night comes around I decide to go over to the Curtis. I knock on the door and Two-Bit opens the door and I smell his breathe and it smells like beer. Classic. "Guys she's back!!" He screams. The guys come out and they all hug me. "Where have you been?!" Darry questions like a protective father. "You know just around." I smile and he hugs me. I walk in and I don't see Dallas. "Where's Dallas?" "Has been out looking for you with Johnny ever since the riot." Pony says. I get confused.
He's been out looking for me? He cared that much to spend his time looking? "Well I got kicked out so I slept at the abandoned house." I say flat and Soda speaks up. "You could've came here you know." I shrug. "Yeah I know but I didn't want to intrude." "You're always welcome here" Darry says with a smile making dinner. I smile "Thank you Darry." He nods and we just fuck around the rest of the night.
After a little while Johnny and Dallas bust through the door "We still couldn't find her." Johnny says sadly. Dallas sees me and runs up to me and picks me up and twirls me in a hug. I giggle and hug him back.
"I thought I lost you." He whispers quietly in my ear. I smile and whisper back. "Not yet Winston." All the guys start whistling and he puts me down and Johnny hugs me and I hug him back. I saw a new scar on his face. "Where is this from?" "Bob." He says with a trembling voice. I get mad. Johnny would've never instigated something to make him do something. He was probably drunk.
I want to kill him.

New chapter hello. I feel like this is annoying but hey I'm still doing it🤪 I hope this isn't messy or anything but I'm gonna get into more Dallas and Amber I'm these next chapters. Enjoy!!

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