chapter 29

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The rest of that day where I met my brother I just, thought

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The rest of that day where I met my brother I just, thought. This all seems too sus. Like he says he's my brother when I meet Hannah? And he ran at us like a bat out of hell. Like he was gonna kill us or something. This all doesn't seem right. I walk over to the Curtis' and tell the boys what happened. They were all as confused as I was. Dallas didn't trust it and wanted to go find Logan. It just didn't seem like my dad, or my mom to just leave their kid at our grandmas. Dallas and I decide to go for a walk to DX to visit Soda and Steve. When we get there we see Sandy and Soda fighting.
She slaps him in the face and he looks like he just got stabbed in the heart 100 times.
We run over and I go to attack Sandy but Steve holds me back. "Tramp!" I scream at her and stick up the finger.
Soda looks like he's gonna bawl into tears so I walk over and hug him. "What happened Soda?" I whisper in his ear and I just hear him let out a sob. "She got pregnant, it ain't my kid Amber." He says crying and I hug him tighter. "Want me to kill the bitch? I will have no problem doing it." I say and he laughs a little still crying. I pull away and kiss his cheek and he smiles softly and I do the same. I love Soda as a brother. I love all the Curtis' for that matter. And the whole gang. And especially Dallas. I'm madly in love with him. His bad boy attitude, how he's so protective of me. It makes me feel a way I haven't felt.
As the four of us are just talking trying to cheer up Soda I feel someone tap my shoulder. Logan. I smile and Dallas gets tense. "Hey Logan." He just looks serious. "Why are you with him?" Logan says with a serious look, kinda creeping me out. I look at him confused. "Well we are kinda going steady you can say." That sets Logan off the edge and he grabs my face. "Stay away from that bastard." He says and I slap him off and Steve and Dallas push him. He gets mad and pulls a knife out and we all pull our knives out and point it at him. He gets stunned. "Who are you." I say with a stern voice pointing my knife at his neck. "Fine, my name isn't Logan, it's Andrew. Hannah made me act like I was your brother because she knew Dallas would flip and leave you." I automatically slap him and get in his face. "Leave us alone. Got it?" I say and he nods. "I'm real sorry."  he says before going away and I just flipped him off and I got upset. For a second I thought I had a sibling. Not someone like Zoe but with the same blood as mine. But nope. I always have to be bitten in the ass. Dallas sees I'm upset and to light the mood he whips out a cigarette. "Wanna smoke?" He says with a smirk and it makes us laugh and I nod and take it and he lights it for me. "Thanks Dally." I say and he looks shocked. "That's the first time you called me Dally." He says looking kinda happy. "I won't say it again if you don't want me to." I say joking and he just laughs and I take a long drag from my cigarette. Steve and Soda were just making "aweeee" noises and me and Dallas just smiled at eachother.
I love him so much.

Hellooo people. So I hope you are enjoying. I'm probably ending this book at like chapter 40? Idk we will see. But also take a peak at my new book die for you it's a sweet pea x oc you won't regret it.

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