chapter 20

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I decided to sleep over the Curtis' house that night

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I decided to sleep over the Curtis' house that night. I missed the gang. I've been hanging out with Winters gang more but these guys will always be my family. No matter what. I layed on the couch watching I Dream of Jeannie. It's always been one of my favorites. I've always thought it was a adorable show. I loved how much Jeannie and Tony were in love. It was a cute concept to me.
As I'm watching my show I see Soda walk in the living room and he smiles at me as he goes to the kitchen to get a drink of water. I sit up and he walks over and sits next to me. "I've missed you Am." He says with his movie star smile. "I've missed you too Soda." "Have you seen Dally?" He says innocently. I nod and sigh. "He's not gonna be out for another couple months." I look at my lap. A couple months. Great. "Hey he will be just fine. He will be out before you know it!" He says trying to lighten the mood and I giggle. Sodas always so damn positive. Can't relate.
"How's Sandy?" I say looking in his dreamy eyes. He grows a big smile. "Can I tell you something? You gotta promise not to tell anyone." I nod and zipper my lips and throw away the key. "I'm gonna ask her to marry me." He says getting all giddy. I smile. "Really Soda? That's great!" I am genuinely excited for him. Soda deserves a lot of happiness. He's a good kid and he's been through a lot. "So any boys you fancy?" I laugh at his choice of words. "Fancy" who says that? "I don't know.. Atticus and I went on a date, but.. I don't know I can't stop thinking of Dallas." He sighs. "Promise me there won't be any love triangles. It's too much to handle." I laugh and nod. "I-I just don't know if I should wait for Dallas, or move on. I mean he has like 100 other girls in line."
"This May be a surprise but Dally has went through a lotta heart breaks. He acts all tuff it's just because he doesn't wanna get hurt." I look confused. "Isn't he the heart breaker?" He looks  guilty and looks at me in the eyes. "Wanna heat another secret?"
I nod. "So Dally was probably 13 or 14. He was in love with this girl named Hannah. She was a doll and she had all of us fooled. She was a greaser and she was sweet. A real nice girl. Dally got locked up for stealing and she cheated on him, and well... kinda got pregnant. She tried to say it was his kid, but they never did anything. And after that i just think Dally was scared to love again." This explains a lot, this explains why he has such a "no one will hurt me if I hurt them first attitude." He's just scared of getting hurt again. "Where's hannah now?" "I don't really know to tell you the truth. I think she's still in Tulsa. She gave the kid away, the father made her." I nod.
"Dallas told me not to visit him. Should I listen?" He shakes his head. "Surprise him tomorrow. He will be real happy." I smile and hug him. "Thank you Sodapop." "Anytime Am."
After that I just dozed off thinking about Dallas.
The next day I got myself all dolled up to visit Dallas. My heart was racing like I was going on a date or something. I go to the jail and I sit in front of the glass wall that separated me and Dallas. I wait for him to sit down. Suddenly I see him walk in and he looks shocked and happy. I smile at him and he sits down and picks up the phone and I do the same.
"So you couldn't get enough of me huh?" He says joking around. "You're funny Winston." He smirks and I smile. "I-i miss you Dallas." I say softly and he just kinda looks at me. "Man I can't wait to get out of here." I nod. "When do you think you're getting out?" I say looking into his eyes. He thinks for a minute. "Well if I keep up good behavior then I'll be out quick." "Dallas Winston keeping up good behavior?" I say sarcastically and he laughs and so do I.
"But why'd you come back?" He says confused.
"What do you mean?" I say.
"I don't know why you came back. Is someone screwing with you?" He says confused. He really didn't want me coming back. "Yeah.. sorry um I don't know I was just bored. Im gonna go." I hang up the phone and I see him protest through the glass and I leave and I start crying. Dallas doesn't give a fuck about me. I'm just another greasy girl to him.
I walk around town crying and then I see Winter and her gang walking my direction. I wipe my tears so they can't tell I was crying.
They walk up to me and Brooke hugs me. "I felt like I haven't seen you in forever." I laugh quietly and everyone says hi and Atticus smiles at me. "Hey Amber." He says with a goofy grin. I smile alittle.
"Hey Atticus." "Wanna go for a walk?" He says and I nod. We say bye and we start walking away. Another tear slips my eyes and I wipe it fast and he notices. We stop walking and he looks at me concerning. "Hey what's the matter?" He says looking at me with wide eyes. I smile and look down and I just start crying again. I hate crying in front of people but it's just Atticus. He pulls me into a hug and hugs me tight stroking my hair. "What's wrong princess?" He says giving me chills. We pull away and I wipe my tears.
"Dallas fucking Winston." I say and he wipes more tears. "What did he do?" "I visited him trying to be there for him and he just questioned why I was there. He is a piece of shit." I say looking down. "I'm just another greasy girl." Atticus picks up my head. "If he makes such a beautiful caring girl cry, then fuck him. You're not just anyone Amber." I smile and I nod. "Enough with the sappy shit, lets go to the dingo or something." He nods and we go to the dingo. We just talk and talk for awhile about the most random things. Our gangs, how we found them,family you name it.
Atticus and I have a real connection. But I still can't get Dallas out of my head.
Why can't I get that son of a bitch out of my head.

Hey everyone! Idk why the fonts like that it was weird idk but I hope you liked the chapter. Also I really like Soda and Ambers friendship! And new drama with a new girl ooooo but Dallas will be out probably in the next chapter or two. Enjoy!!

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