chapter 3

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I walk through the door into a small house

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I walk through the door into a small house. It wasn't the neatest but I'm not the one to talk. My house is absolutely disgusting. No wonder why Zoe never invites the Socs over. When I walk in a see four new boys. I've recognized 3 from school. One is a brunette boy who I believe to be in 10th grade but he looks much younger. He looks a lot like soda so I am assuming they are brothers. The next boy is in 10th grade also but he misses a lot of school. He has a huge scar across his cheek. He's quiet. I only know this because he's in my gym class trust me I'm not a stalker. The next boy is in my grade. I think we have 2 classes together? ahhh right we have English and Math together.

the next boy looks to be much older than all of us. He looks like he's in college. He must be Sodas older brother. He rushes over like a concerned father. "What happened to you? Are you alright?" "Yeah I'm fine. Just some Socs." At the word of Socs I saw the boy with the scar shake alittle. I kept it to myself though. "Well let's get you cleaned up now." Darry says as he guides me to the kitchen. I sit in a chair at the dining table and he gets me a wet cloth and a ice in a cloth. I thank him and I hold the ice against my head. Bob got me good this time, but I'll get him back he won't even see it coming.

my thoughts were interrupted when I saw Dallas bust through the door looking like he was just thriving off adrenaline. "Where have you been?" The boy that looks like Soda says confused. "Man I just jumped a couple of Socs, the Socs that hurt that girl... what's her name oh amber yes. Man you should've saw the look on their faces it was priceless man" he says with excitement. I get up and stand in the doorway and smile. He looks kinda shocked but he smirks. "Wow aren't you my knight in shining armor." I say with a smirk and he looks down and smirks and does a silent giggle. "You know what maybe I am" he smirks. This guy is HOT! My thoughts get interrupted again when I year two-bit yell

SHHHHHHHHH!! he was watching Mickey Mouse. I guess that gets him in his zone or something.

OKAY HI I'm back so I have school and I am currently writing this at 1:17 in the morning and I have to get up at 5🤩 love this for me
Wish me luck

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