chapter 26

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(Using the same gif bc I just couldn't find another lmfaoo

(Using the same gif bc I just couldn't find another lmfaoo

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I feel like absolute shit. I don't even remember what happened. I just remember seeing Randy get pissed and that's all. I look around and I see both gangs looking at me. "How are you feeling?" Brooke asks holding a teddy bear. I smile and she puts it next to me. "Not gonna lie I feel like shit." Everyone laughs. I even see Randy there. "I-I'm so sorry. T-this is my fault." I look at him sympathetically. "I know you wouldn't hurt me on purpose." I smile softly and so does he. All of a sudden I hear a loud gasp and everyone turns around and my mother and Zoe run to me. "Baby are you okay?" My mom asks concern. She's sober. I give her a kinda freaked out look and I look at Zoe confused. "Bob told me what happened." She gave a dirty look to Randy and he just shrugs and looks like he just got really upset again. "Why are you here mom? And why are you here too Zoe." "We all are here. Even my dad." I shake my head. He's the last person I want to see. He hit me and he thinks he can just visit me. "G-get out." My mom looks hurt. "Baby I've been sober so maybe you'd come back. Even dads been trying." She smiles and caresses my hair. I slap her hands and I get really mad. "He's not my dad. Don't ever call him my dad." Everyone looks really uncomfortable with the situation. My heart rate starts going and everyone can tell. "Just calm down Amber.. please come home." My breathing starts getting all shaky. "P-please get out." Then I see Zoe's dad and I lose it. I start hyperventilating and crying and my mom and Zoe and her father looks concerned. "You should go." Darry says. "She's my daughter I'm not leaving.. baby calm down." She says holding my hand. I push it away and I feel like I can't speak. "She doesn't want to see you can't you understand that?!" Winter screams. "Shut up Winter." Zoe says acting tuff and Winter goes to lunge at her but James and Johnny hold her back. Zoe's dad was obviously high. "You know what how bout you get out." He says to the gangs. Dallas starts to get pissed because of how much I'm crying and faces him. "Get. Out." "Yeah who do you think you are?" He pushes Dallas and all the guys get in the middle of them and Soda Darry and Atticus makes Zoe's dad get out. "Get out Zoe. She doesn't want to see you." Brooke says getting pissed. Zoe scuffs and grabs my mothers hand and she forces her out of the room.
Then Dallas ends up standing next to me shushing me and caressing my hair and my cheek. "You're okay Amber I promise.. I'm not leaving you ever again." He says quietly so I only hear I calm down and I'm embarrassed for how I just acted. I acted like a complete bitch. "Are you okay Amber?" Ash asks concerned and I nod. "We will be back in the morning you dig?"
Jax says looking at me with a confronting face and I nod. Everyone leaves but Dallas. He sits In a chair next to my bed and holds my hand. "I was scared for a minute. I was scared something wasn't gonna go right. Some doctors are fucked up man." He says I smile. "Nothing will ever happen to me Dallas. I'll always be here." I say smiling. He holds my hand and squeezes it. I try to move over so he can lay next to me. I rested my head on his chest.
"Dallas?" I say looking up at him. He looks down at me. "Yes doll?" "Please don't leave me." He strokes my curly hair. "Never in a million years. I'll always be here." I smile and I pull my head off his chest and he looks into my eyes and I do the same.
He slowly leans in to kiss and I do the same. Then sparks fly. He kisses me. We hold the kiss for a few second and I just think how much I love him. How much I want him in my life. After a few seconds we pull away. We both smile. He wraps his arms around me and I cuddle up next to him.
I fell asleep thinking, I love Dallas Winston.

AHHHH SO THEY KISSED!!! I'm so happy they are starting to rise. I love them so much omg. I hope you guys are enjoying. Sorry this chapter was so short.

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