chapter 6

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I wish they had all greaser schools

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I wish they had all greaser schools. This stupid school smells of Socs. Me and Steve sat together in the classes we had together. We would joke the whole time and the teacher would keep yelling at us to be quiet. We sure as hell didn't listen. I sadly had no classes with Two-Bit but we had lunch but everyone did. The gang and I all sat and ate our food together when Bob walked past us and threw a soda at us. I jumped up. "Hey! What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" I scream causing the whole cafeteria to look at me. I didn't care if they starred I feed off attention. Bob laughs, "oh sweetie.. don't talk to me like that." He gets closer to me and whispers "I know you're not as easy to get as your slut sister Amber, but just know I will get you." I laugh and get more in his face. "Over my dead body you dick." He slaps me in the face and Two-Bit and Steve jump up the fastest and get behind me. Pony had to hold Steve back and Johnny kept his distance. I didn't blame him. He's just a scared lost puppy looking for love, but all he gets is hate.
"Don't you ever put your hands on her again or I'll-" "you'll what greaser. I can kill you in a second randle." Steve struggles from Pony's grip and I take matters into my own hands and kick Bob really hard where it hurts. He gets on the ground and starts groaning. His friends help him up and they scatter. The guys laugh and highfive me and I smile and bow towards everyone watching as a cue for them to turn around. Everyone continues their usual gossip and I sit back down but damn I wish Dallas was here.
I feel safe with him. It's weird I've never felt like this before. I mean besides my father, I was his little girl. He loved me and I loved him. Its weird with Dallas. He gives off such a bad boy vibe but I can tell he has a soft spot for the gang. He loves them. But why would he stand up for me? Twice? He doesn't even know me. All I know is, is that Dallas is a sad boy hiding behind his bad boy attitude. I want to get through to him but how? I don't know this is just a lot for me.
The day passes on and I walk home. I decided to walk home alone. Thankfully nothing happens. I walk inside and I see my mother passed out on the couch. She looks pretty peaceful when she's not trying to beat the crap out of me.
I walk up to my room and sees my sister going through my drawers and she pulls out my blade. "Zoe what the fuck!" I scream running over to her and snatching my blade out of her hand. She honestly looked stunned. "Wow... you have a knife. why? You're not in any gang, you don't have gang fights.." "well your amazing boyfriend bob likes to throw himself on me" I say smirking as I sit on the bed. "What? No Bob would never do that. He's a gentleman." She looks stunned. "You're so fucking pathetic. I'm so glad you're not my real sister. My father would've been humiliated to have you as a daughter. You abandoned me. When I needed you the most.." I started to tear up "I considered you my best friend but because I wasn't girly or I didn't like gossiping about other girls or being all giddy about guys who every girl is obsessed with you... you abandoned me for girls who are as fake as you. I hope you realize those sluts talk more shit than the shit you say to me." I push her away from me and I grab my blade money and my bag and walk to the park.
I sat on the swings and watched the sun set. Ponyboy was right, it is very calming. Suddenly I hear a mustang pull up and I wipe my tears and put on my tough girl face. "Look what we have here" Bob states for the whole entire world to hear. "Bob I'm not in the mood just leave me alone.." I say hoping he has some sympathy. "Not in a million years sweet heart." He smirks and a boy I didn't recognize slaps the knife out of my hand and holds my arms behind my back. Bob gets closer and examines my face. "Your face you're hiding something underneath all that ugly makeup of yours." He caresses my face and I move it away. "Fuck off" I spat and he gets offended. "I think we should see what's under all that makeup boys.." they laugh and grab and and shove me into the fountain.
I gasp for air every time they pull me up. They pull me by my hair which hurts like a bitch. I try screaming but they keep drowning. I hear one of them say to just leave me in the fountain but Bob screamed at him.  I ended up losing consciousness. I thought death was taking me. The only two things I was thinking about
1.i will get to see my father again
2.i will never see Dallas again

This is really bad but I'm trying to span it out so I can make the story longer. Dally will show his feeeelings more in the next chapter. Enjoy!

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