Giving Up On Me by mxssrms
Giving Up On Meby mxssrms
"I just want you to love me. Why is that so hard? Huh?" (Highest Ranking #10 in General Fiction)
  • urban
  • hood
  • urbanromance
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F-Boy's Lace by Sheerio1621
F-Boy's Laceby Sheerio1621
New Story Started: 6/16/2018 🥇 Highest Rankings #2 Chicklit #18 Romance #21 NewAdult Lacey Mason spent her absolute happiest of summers in the Hamptons with her family...
  • fiction
  • heartbreak
  • career
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Get Up 10 by Lexi_lushh
Get Up 10by Thebookworm.
just read, it'll be worth it. 18+
  • newyork
  • drama
  • urbanfiction
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Solace ~ h.s. by AmberE3Love34
Solace ~ Amber
If he weren't there... I don't know what would have happened.
  • niallhoran
  • harryedwardstyles
  • death
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To the wheels fall off by asvpmirry
To the wheels fall offby asvpmirry
17 year lonni just moved from Nashville to New York City. Her whole life is turned upside down by June one of the biggest drug dealers in NY. He's a senior and when they...
  • drugs
  • completed
  • quincy
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Runaway daughter meets Mafia boss(Completed) by moonbunnybae
Runaway daughter meets Mafia boss( moonbunnybae
"I never knew that im falling inlove with him and i dont know that i will met him again, -Michaela Smith "Because of her i'm change, I love her so much wala n...
  • sweetromance
  • friendship
  • memories
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Meant to be by asvpmirry
Meant to beby asvpmirry
A girl named anesia lives near a thug named Quincy. She's always had a crush on him but he's never really paid her no mind until one day. Quincy warms up to anesia and...
  • black
  • urbanfiction
  • hoodromance
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Forgotten (Toby x Reader)  by Mr_CookiesAndMilk
Forgotten (Toby x Reader) by Cookie
Let her go. She's scared of me She wasn't ever suppose to meet me. Okay... If it makes her life better...I'll let her go. But...At the back of my head One small tiny voi...
  • creative
  • creepypasta
  • newstory
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A story of love and sex [+18] by Bosy_elselhdar
A story of love and sex [+18]by Bosy elselhdar
He's not A Dom... He's the master of every slave. Selling them part of his job and his slavery show. But training them is his mission and one of his duties. The probl...
  • blind
  • dom
  • lovestory
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Here Comes Trouble ; A Gilbert Blythe fanfic by latteparkers
Here Comes Trouble ; A Gilbert Cai🕷
"His name is Gilbert Blythe. Eliza fancies him!" Elizabeth Lightwood just moved to Avonlea with her Mother and brother. Her father always away traveling for wo...
  • newstory
  • fanfiction
  • lovestory
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The Original Queen. (Klaus Mikaelson Fanfiction) by Smileygal05001
The Original Queen. (Klaus Y
Highest rank #10 in fanfiction. Talia, Elena's younger half-sister, is the daughter of Alaric and Isobel who had to abandon her to protect her from the supernatural, ju...
  • danger
  • enzo
  • caroline
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Camp Waters by dailydosexii
Camp Watersby dailydosexii
He looked down, it was so silent the only thing filling my ears was the sound of the fire crackling. "Why are you still here? I feel better now, you can leave."...
  • sky
  • teenagers
  • teenromance
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waterparks imagines / preferences  by lost-inorbit
waterparks imagines / preferences by R
imagines and short stories about 3 dorks in a band called Waterparks #4 in ottowood
  • waterparks
  • fanfic
  • wattys2018
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You're Thinking Too Much, Stop It.  by writernextdoorrr
You're Thinking Too Much, Stop It. by LongLiveJah
Stomi moves to New York with her brother Stokeley [ski mask] but what happens when she falls for her brothers bestfriend.
  • fanfiction
  • fanfic
  • soundcloud
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Valor | h.s. by sweeterharry
Valor | j e n
Valor is world's most wealthiest city, divided by two competing mafias. 19 year old, Adeline Monroe, is daughter of the most powerful mobster in the whole city. Her fat...
  • romance
  • mafia
  • betrayal
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Your Love Is My Medicine by thatxtrillxkiddx
Your Love Is My Medicineby Å•R•Ï
Auhlia moved. Jahseh came back. They both didn't want love. But both got love sick. And need healing. They needed a medicine.
  • love
  • family
  • jahsehonfroy
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No More Games by TheAnonymousAssh
No More Gamesby Danni Assh
Sasha is at her wits end of being in an unhealthy relationship and handing out chances to Michael after all his lies and games. Using his career as an excuse for his inc...
  • michael
  • explict
  • moonwalker
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Elastic Heart (Z.M) by frannyclouds
Elastic Heart (Z.M)by god is a woman
he's empty without her and she's heartless without him. "I used to build dreams about you." - F. Scott Fitzgerald, "Benediction" story written by •f...
  • selenagomezau
  • wattys2018
  • zaynfanfic
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You Only Live Once (YOLO) by Alpha_Jae
You Only Live Once (YOLO)by Caribbean_girl
Isla was just a horny young lady who decided to embrace her boldness and ask the sexy successful co-worker for a dildo. She never expected it would turn into an abundanc...
  • lesbian
  • sexy
  • sexscenes
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Raped By My Step-Brother!! by jmuaah
Raped By My Step-Brother!!by Clueless
I moved into the home of my mother's fiancé, and was thrilled to be greeted with a mansion. However, when I met the two sons that lived in the home, my life suddenly bec...
  • romance
  • drama
  • hot
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