chapter 17

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it's been a quiet week

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it's been a quiet week. No Soc activity on the east side probably because of the riot. My shoulder is feeling better and I've been spending more time with both gangs, the Curtis' and Winters gang. Dallas and I have been getting closer too but he's just been more like a body guard. I guess with everything that's happened he's more protective.
In school Winter, Ash, Brooke and I have been getting closer too. At lunch we usually go to DX to hang out with Soda and Steve. The whole time Ash and Soda talk. Maybe they are getting somewhere. After school we go back to Winters house. Their gang always chills in the basement. We drink some beer and smoke some cigarettes. We decided we should walk around town and fuck around. Ash asks if we can invite Soda and everyone from the Curtis gang can come. Everyone agrees and only Johnny, Dallas, Soda Steve and Two-Bit comes.
I guess Pony has a curfew and Darry usually has work the next day.
We go to the drive in and watch a movie. Well not really watch we just fuck around and be loud. After all that I see Cherry and Marcia sit in front of us I guess complaining about Bob. Liam and Dallas starts messing with them. Winter rolls her eyes and glares at her brother when she sees he was gonna jump in to taunt them. He thought about it and sat back down and just talked to David.
As I would look at Winter and James they look a lot like Johnny. I keep my mouth shut not wanting to start a world war. As I'm watching Cherry throws a Soda at Dallas and he gets pissed and starts messing with her more. I get up and push him off her. "Stop acting like a idiot." I say point blank and he gets pissed. "What did you say to me." He says with fury in his eyes. I challenge him. "Stop acting like a idiot." I say repeating myself. He pushes me aside and I hear David and Atticus get up. "Don't be pushing her Winston." Atticus says. "What did you say to me you little shit." He says walking to him. I get infront of Dallas and Winter gets up and makes Atticus move back more.
"Man I'm out of here." Everyone but Atticus tried to protest but he left. Atticus looked beyond pissed and went to go after him and Winter stopped him again. "Let it go." Winter says and he just stares at him walking away and he sits back down.
The rest of the night I was just thinking why Atticus defended me. And why Dallas got so aggressive with me, I wasn't meaning harm I just didn't want Bob going after him. We walk home and we see Bob get out of new car that wasn't Randy's. I guess he really did run away.
He had a flask and was drunk out of his mind. Stumbling and slurring his words. Classic drunk. "Who was messing with my girls here?" Everyone denies messing with Cherry. He flips a blade and all the guys whip out their blades besides Johnny. He stands back. He was scared of what Bob would do to him. I put my arm around him trying to give him comfort. Bob lunged toward to Brooke and held the blade to her neck. I saw Sean get tense. "Let the girl go Bob." Two-Bit says sounding real tuff. "Tell me who was messing with my girl or she will be dead." He says slurring each and every word. No one wanted to tell him it was Dallas. He is alone and vulnerable. I mean don't get me wrong he's a amazing fighter but he would've lost a fight 5-1.
"It was someone from another gang. No one here we swear." Soda says. He laughs and slits her throat alittle and she screams in pain. Before we know it all the guys lunge foward and beat the shit out of Bob and his friends. Ash runs over to Brooke and helps her up. Janes says to go back to the house and we nod and run to the house. Johnny follows because he's too scared to get in the house. We walk in and Winters dad stops us. He asks who the boy is and he introduces himself. He gets tense. "Get out." He says angrily.
"Dad what's wrong with you?" Winter protests. "He's your mothers kid." She looks shocked and looks at Johnny. "S-Sir I'm not here to cause problems I-" "get out." He says harsh. Johnny walks out and I get mad. We go to the basement. Winter is raging. "You do realize your mother and his father beat the shit out of him right? He doesn't have no real family he's never home." I say trying to get her to let loose alittle. She looks stunned. "Im gonna kill my father." She walks upstairs and starts yelling about how they shouldn't have kicked him out and she explained to him about what he goes through at home.
He told her to let it go and I hear the front door slam. Brooke is crying and Ash is confronting her. Suddenly we hear knocking at the back door and it's Winter and Johnny. I jump in and let them in. "He's staying down here. I'm not letting him go back home." Winter says protectively of her younger brother. I can see Johnny looks a little bit happy, probably because someone that is blood related cares.
Then after talking and once Brooke calms down the guys frantically knock on the back door.
Winter jumps up and let's them in and hugs her brother and Ash hugs her brother. Sean goes to Brooke and comforts her and they hug. Johnny and the boys hug and Two-Bit Steve and Soda as if I'm okay and I hug them. Atticus comes over. He's real beat up. "What happened to you? You look horrible compared to everyone else." I say concerning and he chuckles. "Ouch." He looks at himself in the mirror. "I think I look more badass compared to everyone else." I laugh and he hugs me. I hug back and we all just hang out and play cards and drink. Two-Bit got wasted and would keep cracking jokes
We all had the best night. Winter and Johnny told everyone how they are siblings and James accepts it and admitted he always wanted a brother. They kinda did their own thing while the two caught up with their long lost brother. I felt empty without Dallas here. I miss his sarcasm and how he is just goofy sometimes. I miss that New York accent and flirty attitude.
Why is he so head strong though? He didn't have to freak out how he did earlier. It was a bit uncalled for.
What goes through his mind? Why do I feel like I'm catching feelings? Why do I care for someone like him? He doesn't care for anyone besides Johnny.
Why do I do this to myself?

Hello everyone! Over 1,200 words go me. Well now you found out Johnny James and Winter are family! Plot twist! When I was making the new gang I saw they all kinda had similar features. Also a love triangle is forming with Atticus Amber and Dallas. Ooooo drama. I'm probably gonna update a couple more times today so enjoy!

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