chapter 4

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I spent a couple hours with the group of boys

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I spent a couple hours with the group of boys. They are actually pretty fun. I learned that Ponyboy is Sodas brother, he skipped a grade, and that johnny got beat up by a bunch of Socs, definitely Bob, and Steve's in my grade.

"Hey Darry what time is it?" I say calling out to him from the living room. "uhh about a quarter to 11" he calls back. Pony boy was already in bed. "Well" I say getting up, "Thank you for your hospitality but I need to get back home." I say smiling. Darry comes over and hugs me. "Our door is always unlocked if you need us okay?" I nod and hug all the other boys goodbye. "heyuh maybe I can walk you home? No Soc will mess with you tonight man." He says kinda desperately. I laugh "okay dallas let's get going" we say our last goodbye and walk out of the house.

"Thank you really for what you did out there today" I say looking up at him. He smirks and looks down and lights a cigarette "yeah no problem man, I liked watching those lowlife Socs suffer." I hold out my cigarette and he lights it. I take a long drag from my cigarette while I look at him. "We'll try livin with one."I say looking down and forward. Dally kinda stumbles "Wait so you're a Soc?" "No, it's a fucked up story for another time.. I'm home now anyways." I take another long drag from my cigarette "Thank you for walking me home, you didn't have to-" I get cut off my my front door opening. "Where have you been?!" My mom screams while running out of the house in a nightgown and curlers in her hair. I turn to Dallas and start walking backwards "I'm sorry you should go." I go to my mother and she hits the back of my head and grabs my arm and drags me to the door. "Hey!!!" Me and my mother turn around and we see Dallas going toward us. He pulls my arm away from my mothers and puts his hand in her face.

"I swear to god lady.. if you're one if those greaser mothers who gets joy out of beating her own kids you better rot in hell." I look shocked. No one has ever stood up for me like that before. Zoe was always too afraid of my mother, and my father didn't know she beat me. Dallas gives me a reassuring look and turns away and walks away a different direction that we came from.

I walk into my house and see Zoe's dad getting high off dope too. I don't even want to know what my mother and that man will be doing tm. I start to walk up the stairs "Amber get your ass over here." I sigh and I walk back down the stairs. "Yes mother?" "Who the hell was that boy?!" I smirk "That's Dallas Winston. He saved me from getting jumped today." "Jumped?! What do you run around with hoodlums all day?" I let out a chuckle. "Aren't you a hoodlum? Don't only hoodlums shoot up?" Without hesitation she slaps me in the face pretty hard. Then from the other side of my face she punches me. I just take the beating from her. I don't like the idea of hitting my own mother. Yeah she's a fiend, yeah she's abusive, I still love her though. Even if she hated my guts. I let her punch me repeatedly and the goes to the couch after a few minutes. I walk up to my room and I take everything out of my jacket pockets. I change into shorts and a baggy tee shirt that was my dads. I lay in my bed and just look at my ceiling crying.

why did I have to be born from this woman? Why did she have to be my mother? She hates her own daughter, her actual daughter. She loves Zoe so damn much but why doesn't she love me? Usually in the movies mothers hate the babies they have while they are having a affair, but why does she hate the baby she had with her husband?

I just want to see the boys again. I can tell once you're apart of their gang, everyone is there for you. No doubts and no second thoughts. They would do anything for each other. They don't need a explanation to help each other they just do it. That's what friendship is.

That is what a family is.

Okay hello people sorry this is so messy before I publish I'm gonna re read everything to make sure it makes sense and doesn't sound like a 2nd grader made it. Okay love you aLL comment and vote and all that crap id appreciate it

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