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Vile ||Lana Del Rey x Jennifer Lawrence|| by fragiledoll
Vile ||Lana Del Rey x Jennifer fragiledoll
"Vile" means extremely unpleasant. Our love is vile. Our world is vile. We were raised for what's wholesome and beautiful, that innocent and carefree genre, wh...
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Page 73...                                               (Storyline is going to be changed) by Unorthodox_Neal
Page Unorthodox Neal
Camille Roberts isn't your average teenage girl, she's a nerd. She doesn't care about the way she dresses, the way her hair looks, makeup, manicures, nothing! Will it c...
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Tough Guy Love by Tkara8
Tough Guy Loveby Tkara8
Amaya Milton is a shy girl who only has one friend and an abusive father. But her life changes when she stumbles in the house of a well known gangster, Dom. She is thrus...
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Trapped behind glass by Jailburden
Trapped behind glassby Jailburden
Tara was abandoned at age five and for years grew up on her own teased by other children now twenty three she runs a bake shop called short and sweet with Clem at least...
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Of Wild Things by RockMeWaves
Of Wild Thingsby RockMeWaves
*Needs work, that shall be done! Do not fret! :P* •Arabella is the last female werebear to her and her brothers knowledge. Her brother, Caleb, is determined to keep this...
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The Superstar's Female Bodyguard by JustAMereMalik
The Superstar's Female Bodyguardby JustAMereMalik
Ever since Rhian West could walk, her adoptive parents made sure that she would be a perfect killing machine. She exists because she has to make people suffer and kill t...
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Tough times never last, but tough people do by carebear0024
Tough times never last, but CareBear
This story is about a young woman who finds her inner-self after being with a man who truly hurt her, physically and mentally....
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Hush by Dear_B
Hushby Queen🧞‍♀️
"This is some real sick God Father type shit." I whispered lowly to myself. Gina's blubbering snapped me out of thought. "S-should w-w-e call the police...
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Tough Love by simplyludny
Tough Loveby simplyludny
Alisa has always been molested as a little girl. Now she's 16 and has to go to a new school. A boy has been eyeing her, but can she learn to trust men again?
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Bad girl by danii11
Bad girlby danii11
Hazel Starr, known as one of the biggest bad girls of the music industry. She falls for no man after she was left heart broken by the one and only, Niall Horan. But what...
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This Is Not Neverland by LivingWithXTheDead
This Is Not Neverlandby LivingWithXTheDead
Okay, so, my life was going GREAT until HE got into the picture. Connor Whence, my ex-boyfriend. It was a dare. For God sakes, I should've seen it coming. I'm not naïve...
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How you saved me by differentphases
How you saved meby differentphases
"Annabelle I have been patient with you. I have cared for you. I have provided for you EVER SINCE EVERYTHING CAME DOWN ON YOU!" Aidan boomed at me. I whimpered...
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The Bad Boy's Son by shannonshannon
The Bad Boy's Sonby ☁Shannon☁
Dillon Cain is not a bad boy by definition. Sure, he's late to school almost every day, and he's skipped a few classes...but he'd never do anything too terrible. Dillon'...
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The Alpha's Runaway Mate (C) (Completed) by xXuniquefloweXx101
The Alpha's Runaway Mate (C) ( S.T
| Book 1 of the 'ALPHA' Series | Alessia is a lone wolf, always has been, always will be. She's got the attitude, the skills, the brain's to take care of herself and kno...
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Resistance by MyWorldInWriting
Resistanceby MyWorldInWriting
A scratch from a werewolf changed Ryanne(Ryder) Smith's life forever. She cannot go out without her colored contacts in fear of people seeing her sliced black pupils. Sh...
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I Can Be... by JacksonGreen7
I Can Jackson Green
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No ones perfect (poems) by karamay99
No ones perfect (poems)by Kara May
Poems. Some more emotional than others. Life poems, no hate.
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Tough Love by yangchan12
Tough Loveby yangchan12
Sometimes we felt disappointed, hurt, depressed. Like the world is against us. We can't really understand what it means. What it want to say. We sometimes don't understa...
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Fire Inside by moonlight768
Fire Insideby moonlight768
Suri is starting her life over. At Crystal, a famous wizard college, no one knows her, or what she is: half fire dragon. Yet. As a half breed, she has a natural ability...
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Baby Blue by Live_for__love
Baby Blueby Live_for__love
Naya Panagos, Baby Blue. Right-hand...and daughter, to Patéras, father of 'o fovos'. The Fear. A clan known and feared by many, and rightfully so. Drug deals, arms deal...
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