chapter 21

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it's been a few days since I saw Dallas

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it's been a few days since I saw Dallas. I've been staying at the Curtis' and Soda and I have been having our deep midnight talks. They are pretty nice. Soda is kinda like the brother I've never had. I've been hanging out with Atticus a lot more. We have been getting a lot closer. I feel like I'm starting to get more attached to Atticus. We've hooked up a couple times, just make out really but never all the day. But I don't think it's gonna be anything. We are kinda just there for eachother, like a friends with benefits type thing.
Dallas has been on my mind. Soda said he's gonna visit him and talk to him about what happened for me. I just don't think I could face Dallas again like this. The only thing I'm looking forward to is Halloween. It's my favorite holiday by far. Just you can be whatever for a night and it's like you're a different person. I think I'm gonna be a nurse or something because when I was younger I used to want to be a doctor when I grew up. Since that isn't possible at this point I'll just imagine I am for a night.
Winter told me her brother is hosting a party with his gang for Halloween. I invited the gang and they said they'd come, Darry is even letting Pony come just he's not allowed to get drunk. But that doesn't mean I can't get drunk. I sit on the Curtis couch watching tv with Two-Bit. Steve is sitting on the floor eating  some chocolate cake. Pony is reading a book and Johnny is watching him and Darry is cooking breakfast. Soda is taking a shower and getting ready for work.
I hate the fact I miss that stupid New Yorker so much. He screwed me over and I still miss him. I'm so pathetic.  Two-Bit and I were gonna hang out today. The rest of the boys had plans and Two wanted to get some burgers and walk around and cause some problems. I didn't mind that sounds like a day full of fun.
After all the guys go their separate ways we leave and go to the dingo. He kept flirting with the waitress and ordered our food. He is paying, I offered but he shut me down real fast. I know Two-Bit can be a bit crazy but he's a caring soul and he loves all his friends. He never really talks about his home life. I think his dad left I don't know.
After we eat we just fuck around and when we are walking home I hear a mustang. It's that blue mustang. Randy. I smile and he pulls up next to me and I see Two-Bit gets defensive. Randy calls me over to his car. "It's okay I'll be okay, if anything just keep close." He nods and I walk over and get in his car. "It's been awhile stranger. I kinda missed hearing your mustang pull up to me almost every night." He laughs and smiles. "I've missed your sarcastic personality Evans." I shrug. "Why are you back?" I ask confused. "Parents found me. I told Bob and Garret off. We ain't friends anymore." I look confused. "What? You've been friends with them since like forever. Why did you just drop them?" "They are dicks." He says flat and I laugh. "You're not wrong." He smiles and looks at my eyes. "Look if you need me I'll be here. Like if you need backup or anything or a ride at night. Just let me know before you go out so I don't drink or anything." I smile and nod. "Thanks Randy." "Anytime Amber." I smile and get out of the car.
I walk over to Two-Bit and smile and we walk back. "What's his deal?" Two asks. "He's a friend. He told me he would be here for me." He nods. "Dallas told me what happened." I cringe hearing that sentence. "Oh yeah what did you hear?" He sighs. "Well, he told me he screwed up. And that he's sorry and that he would really appreciate your visits. He misses you Amber." I nod. "Noted." I say flat.
Does he really miss me?

Ciao. So this chapter is kinda short. It's kinda just a filler but Randy is back! I like their friendship a lot. Next chapter is probably gonna be halloween and that will be a lot. You'll see everyone ;))

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