chapter 8

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"I want my real family here

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"I want my real family here." I said cold. She looked stunned. This time I knew it wasn't a act. She was genuinely shocked. She stormed out. I didn't care though. I mean I can't. Caring gets you hurt and she will never hurt me again. "Hey Dal, Hey pony.." I smile. Dallas looks relieved. Pony looks like he saw a ghost but I don't know why. "Hey uh Pony can me and Amber get a minute here?" Pony's look gets wiped off his face and he laughs and walks out. Dallas sits down and I look at him. I stare at his eyes, not in a creepy way. Dallas looks down.

"I saw what they did to you.. I'm promising you now, they won't ever fuck with you again. The gang was getting to them by the time we were driving to the hospital.. I will make sure none of those Socs hurt you like that again. I promise." I smile. Dallas cares. I wasn't gonna ruin the moment by rubbing in his face that he's being a wuss. "Thank you Dallas.." I say smiling. He smiles. He has a soft spot for me I can feel it. I mean he doesn't care for me as much as he cares for the gang but I know he cares. I love the gang.
All of a sudden I hear a woman screaming at Ponyboy and a slap. Dallas and I look at eachother confused and sees my mother walk in. She looks stunned at the sight of Dallas. "Why is he here?! Where is your sister?!" She starts screaming. Ponyboy walked in holding his face. Everything kicked in. "Mom I don't want to see you. Get out." I say sternly giving her a look. "Excuse me?! Who the fuck do you think you're talking to?!" She gets closer to me and grabs my face tight and gets in my face. "I fucking own you, you bitch. You owe me everything and if I want to put on a act and visit my crazy fucking daughter, well I will." I see Dallas out of my peripheral vision and who pissed off he looks. He says something to Ponyboy and he runs out.
"You will respect me I'm your mother. This is why I love your sister. She loves and respects me." Then I feel a hard burn in my face. My mother slapped me. I hold my face and stare at her not saying anything. My eyes start to tear. I was right all along.. My mother doesn't love me. She loves the accident. "Miss I think it's time for you to leave." Dallas says cold. "She's my fucking daughter you get out." Suddenly I hear Darry speak and the whole gang is at my door.
"I'm sorry but it's time for you to leave." He says with a loud demanding tone. I was still stunned at what my mother told me. I was mute. I felt broken. My last bit of family left, and she says she doesn't love me. She turns to Darry and the gang and then at Dally then back to me. She gets in my face then grabs my shoulders and makes me sit up. I squeal in pain and Dallas and Steve almost got physical with my mother but the boys just yelled and held them back. Ponyboy still wasn't back.
My mother gets close to my face and whispers in my ear "what you call your sister a slut when you have these men fighting over you. Fighting for you. You're fucking pathetic. When you get home don't imagine anything less than hell. I fucking hate you." She says harsh. That was the worst thing she's ever said to me. And she's said some pretty fucked up stuff. She slaps me again but harder and I hold my face again with tears escaping from my eyes. I fucking hate you.
She pushes the boys out of the way and leaves. They all gather chairs and sit around me. I wipe my tears trying to look tuff while they gather around me. "Is it always like that? Like at home?" Johnny says quietly. "Yeah kinda but I mean I'm used to it." I say cooly. "You know you can always stay with us.. our door is always open." Darry says trying to convince me to stay with them. I smile and look at my hands while I play with my fingers. "Trust me, id love to but I can't.. I-I just can't the longer I'm gone the more she gets pissed off." I say dry. No emotion while I speak.
I fucking hate you. That's all I hear. Constantly ringing in my ear. "Then why do you stay with her? Why do you put up with her bullshit?" Steve asks kinda aggressive. "Because I still love her." "Why would you still love her?! She doesn't deserve anything but the worst" I sigh.
He's right but she wasn't always like this.
"My mom used to be caring. We would always go to the drive ins together or the dingo. My father would get a whole paycheck of his just to pay for a expensive dinner a month. Me and my mom were close. Yeah sometimes she'd still hit me but it would be when I misbehave or fight with her. Then this fucking... this fucking Soc man comes in my mothers life cleaning she is the mother of his daughter. He moves in with her. Everything was good in the beginning. She got worse, we got worse. Then I became the person I am today. She killed the happy go lucky girl she raised me to be." I say dry again. No emotion. No tears. All the guys look shocked especially Dallas. They all get up and give me a group hug. I hug them back and smile.
Yeah, maybe they aren't my real family, but they feel like a family's they are here for me. They love me. And I love them. We sit in my room and talk for hours, we joke around and eat a lot of food.
At this moment I realized I didn't need my mother.

Ciao so this chapter was long. Over 1000 words but that's how I'm gonna make every chapter hopefully. I'm really sorry if its messy ily. I'm so sore from cheer I wish I could take a break from school and cheer and just get a massage. Ugh my mind.

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