chapter 24

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Dallas asked me to talk

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Dallas asked me to talk. "Look Amber, I've been thinking.. I'm sorry for everything man. I've been a real dick." He says with defeat laced in his tone. I nod. "You think?"  I say laughing softly. "I just hate the fact you're with that kid. You should be with me." "Dallas... I need to think. You can't just like treat me like shit then expect to come back into my life." "Man I just wish times were simpler. Like when we were kids.. like middle school man." I look confused. "Middle school?" "That's where we first met. When I was thinking I remembered that's the age I came to Tulsa and met the gang and everyone." I look confused. Then Dallas starts to explain.
(Flash back to 8th grade. 3rd person.)
First day of 8th grade. Last year of being a kid. Last year of not having freedom like high schoolers. Amber Evans walked into the school bummed out about her dad dying, dreading what this year has to come. She came in wearing jeans and a leather jacket that was a bit too big on her. She used to wear preppy clothes. This is when the division between greasers and socs came to be. She walks to her first period class examining all the kids in her class. She grew up with these kids. She spots one kid that doesn't look like he belonged in Tulsa. He was muscular for a 8th grade, had a few scars here and there on his face and he has a slight bruise on his cheek bone. He sat down in the desk next to Amber. She was starring and he looked at her weird. She automatically looked away and started doodling in her clean notebook.
She sees two brunette boys walk in and they both sit in front of her and the new kid. She recognized them. Sodapop Curtis and Steve Randle. The definition of best friends. The three boys start chatting away. She rolls her eyes and looks at the front of the class trying to pay attention to the teacher. She was actually very good at school as a kid. She was kinda a brainiac. "Hey what's your name." She hears a strong New York accent asks her. It was the new kid.
"Amber Evans. And you?" She asks curious. "Dallas Winston. But you can call me Dally." He winks and she blushes and looks at the front of the class again. She never had any crushes as a kid. She would always eye ball Randy from a distance but they never really spoke. He was just pretty to look at to her. The three boys laugh at her blushing. It automatically gets her frustrated and she squeezes her hand into a fist on her lap. He leans over and whispers in her ear. "When you blush you look kinda cute." She just keeps lookin toward trying to pay attention. As he leans sideways he falls out of his chair and it makes all the kids in the class laugh hysterically and the teacher gets mad and sends him out of the class.
When class ends she packs up her stuff fast and walks in the hallway. She sees Randy and smiles at him and he just kinda looks down and before she knew it Bob slaps the books out of her hands and everything falls on the floor. Everyone laughs and he gets in her face. "Greaser." He says with a tone laced with poison. She never got embarrassed like that before she has always gotten along with everyone. She drops to the ground and picks up all her books and she sees Sodapop bend down and help her. "You alright?" He says with concern in his voice. And she just gives him a upset look and she runs off into the bathroom. She starts crying when she gets in the bathroom. What does greaser mean? She thought. She wiped her eyes with her giant selves and left the bathroom and went to lunch. Her usual friends didn't sit with her. She was friends with the girls that dressed preppy.
They kept telling her opened seats were taken and she ended up sitting by herself. She was upset from how everyone was treating her. What did she do wrong? Why is everyone treating her like this? She just kinda brushed it past her and then she felt cold immediately take over her body. Her soft curls turned wet and she turned around and saw Garret with a empty water bottle and she stood up trying to figure out what to do with her wet books. "W-What was that for Garret? I thought we were friends?" She says confused. "I ain't friends with no greaser." He says getting in her face and he spit at her and walked away and high fived his friends and the whole cafeteria laughed. "Hey!" She heard a loud strong voice scream had it was the new kid Dallas.
"What the hell was that for?" He says grabbing Garret. "She's a greaser like you." "Leave her the hell alone." He pushes him and as he's walking away Garret pushed him back. Adrenaline was running through Dallas' veins and he lunged onto the frail kid and started punching him. Amber ran over fast and pulled him off. "Stop!" She says frantically trying to get him off before a teacher finds out what was happening. He gets off and she grabs his hand and walks out of the cafeteria. "What was that for? I don't know you." She says confused. "You could've gotten hurt." She says with concern in her voice. "Nah he wouldn't have hurt me. I could've done some damage." He says smirking.
"You could've gotten suspended stupid!" She says stunned. Believe it or not Amber was a pretty innocent kid. "Sorry, I-I didn't mean to say that." He laughs. "You're a real doll." She blushed again. He smiles. "Don't let them get you down. Just stay strong and nothing will hurt you. Don't let them see you care. Sooner or later they won't screw with you." She looks shocked at the fact he just cursed but she nods. "You're allowed to curse?" She asks innocently. He laughs. "I am allowed to do whatever I want doll." She liked being called doll.
Throughout the school year the two would crush on each other.
But Dallas ended up getting in a bad fight with Garret and Bob and got kicked out of school. After that she didn't have the protection that she had when Dallas was there. She never really saw him after that. She just forgot what they had. She forgot about him because she didn't want to hurt. Soon after they stopped talking her mom started to get more abusive, she started getting high more. Then Zoe stopped talking to her. She would see her in school because the middle and high school are connected. She wouldn't even flash a smile.
And all this lead to Amber Evans to not care about anything anymore.

Hey guys! Third chapter in a day love that. I hope you guys liked the flash back! It got me kinda sad ngl. I love Dallas and Amber. They will start to rise soon but they will still have complications. I also may make another one I just gotta see how to fit it in the story. Enjoy!

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