chapter 25

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I laugh thinking of the back story of us

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I laugh thinking of the back story of us. If he didn't get kicked out maybe we could've became something. I laugh. "You were even a rebel back then Winston." He smirks and plays with my hair. "You were a innocent one, thinking stupid was a bad word." I scruff my face and push him lightly and we both laugh.
"Please forgive me Amber"
He says with pleading eyes. I look down at my shoes and think. Why not give him a chance? He is trying. He's apologizing. "Fine. We are good. You just better not fuck up again." I say stern and he laughs. "Yes ma'am." I laugh. Then I think of Atticus. I don't think he will miss me that much. Yeah we care about eachother but we talked about dating and falling in love and he said he's not the type. So hopefully I don't hurt him.
"Hey how about we walk around. Catch up?" He says. I nod and we walk together. "How was jail?" I ask curiously. "Eh man it was alright. Seen a couple friends. Im just happy I was allowed to smoke." I laugh as he lights a cigarette. I take out one too and he lights mine. We both just walk and talk while taking hits of our cancer sticks. "Man I'm just real glad you forgave me." "Why?" I look up at him. "I need you in my life." He says just looking forward. I nod. "I need you too." Then I hear a car pull up behind us and stop. We turn around and it's Bob and Garret and other guys. Randy isn't with them.
"Well look what we got here. Winston and Evans. Man you're really turning into your sister. Going from guy to guy." Bob says smirking and I go to lunge forward but Dallas holds me back. Then we hear another mustang come down the other side of the road. Randy gets out and looks furious. "You said you'd stop fucking with her Bob!" He says pissed off. Dallas looks at me confused and I just shrug because I'm just as confused. "Why the fuck do you care Randy?! You would tease her too and would help fuck with her." Bob says confused taking a sip from his flask. I see Randy put his hands in his back pocket. My blade. "I never liked it. We used to be so close with her but because she decided to wear a leather jacket you made her life a living hell. Just because she would never notice you like she'd notice me." "Oh shove it Randle." He rolls his eyes and the guys go to go back in the car. I see Randy lunge forward and switch the blade I run and get in the middle of Bob and Randy. And he stabs me in the stomach. I gasp and tears escape my eyes. Bob looks at Randy like he went mad. "Randle what the fuck?!" Bob says and Dallas comes and picks me up. After that I black out.

Bob starts to get aggressive with Randy and I start getting pissed

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Bob starts to get aggressive with Randy and I start getting pissed. I pick up bob and slams him on the car. "If she fucking dies I'm blaming it on you man. I won't ever let it down. I'll promise you that." Randy already put her in the backseat of the car and honked the horn. I let Bob go but before I left I punched him a few times. I run and get in the car. We get there fast because Randy was speeding which I didn't mind man I love that rush. I pick her up and they take her and I run and look through the surgery window. They start preforming the surgery. "I-I didn't mean to stab her." Randy says crying. I sit next to him. "Man it ain't your fault. You just got mad everyone gets mad. He shouldn't have been fucking with his. And she needs to stop acting like such a badass." I say while putting my face in my hands. "You're a good guy Winston." He says and I look at him and shake my head.
"Man I ain't nice. She's just real special to me." I look at the floor. "Look i needya you to go the DX and let Soda know what happened man. She's gonna want the gangs here." He nods and leaves. I can't lose her. I was gonna try to be good for her. Real good man no more police bullshit. Just I want to be there for her and I know that makes me sound like a bitch but I love her. I've loved her since I made her blush in 8th grade for just winking man. She's a special girl she's just broken.
I made a promise to myself she won't be broken no more.

Sooooo Dallas loves Amber! They are rising! And I felt bad for Randy he didn't mean to do anything. poor guy. I hope you guys are enjoying I'm sorry if this is messy.

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