chapter 18

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It's been a week since I saw Dallas the night of the movies

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It's been a week since I saw Dallas the night of the movies. The guys didn't know where he was either but I also haven't seen much of Two-Bit either. Something is going on and I will find out. I've been staying with Winter or Ash, kinda alternating nights depending who I'm hanging out with the day of. I go to school and I see Two-Bit talking to Pony looking worried. I run up to them. Two-Bit sees me and immediately walks away and runs to his car. I run too and I catch up and jump in the passenger seat and he sighs. "Hey Amber! It's been awhile how've you been!" He says goofy and it makes me laugh alittle but then I get serious. "Where is Dallas." I say getting right to the point.
Two bit Looks all around trying to figure out some sort of answer in his head. "Just be honest with me." I say trying to get him to open up. "H-he's in jail." He says softly. "WHAT?!" I scream. "When the fuck did this happen?! When?! why?!" "He went to go hurt the guy that shot you and he did, real bad. Then his wife called the police and then he got locked up. He's gonna he there for a few months Amber." He says looking down. I didn't want to hear anymore and I get out of the car and storm into the school.
I couldn't pay attention to anything. I also had n0 patience and was in the mood for some trouble. I go in the bathroom and see a Soc freshman trying to look tuff when I walk in. "Calm down tough guy I'm in here to fix my hair." I say laughing and I see the freshman run out. Fucking freshman's.
Then a Soc senior walks in with that stupid Freshman. "Did you pull a knife on my sister?!" She says screaming and I just laugh. I whip out my knife. And walk up to her. "Your sister almost pissed herself when I walked in. She didn't need a blade to scare her." I say smirking and she slaps me. I push her against a wall and point my knife at both of them. "Y'all keep this to yourself you hear? Because I can make another riot happen like this." I say snapping my finger. The freshman looks freaked out as hell and the senior just pushes me off and hold her sisters shoulder and walks out.
I walk out one of Bob and his friends were blowing fake kisses and I flash my blade and flash them a kiss with my blade and they roll their eyes. Steve sees me with my blade out and runs up to me. "Am put that away you'll get in big trouble" he says concerned. I sigh and put it away. I can't say no to Steve, he's always been so sweet to me. Steve is like the brother I've never had. "I-I can't believe what happened to Dallas." He hugs me. "It will be okay, Dal has always got in trouble he will be out sooner than you think." He says with a sweet tone in his voice. I pull away and smile. "Thank you Steve." He smiles back. "No problem Evans."
I spend the rest of the day just being quiet. I walk outside and see Atticus waiting outside the school. I assume he's waiting for his friends and I keep walking. "Yo Evans!" He says running over. I turn around and smile. "Hey Atticus. What's up?" "Look, I heard about Dallas. I'm sorry about him getting put away. I know he's important to you." I look confused. "How would you know?" "I see the way you look at him, I just wanted you to know I'm here for you." He says very genuine. I smile and nod. "Thanks Atticus."
"Anyways I was thinking do you wanna hang out? We could get to know eachother, as friends." He says smiling. He's so charming. He's a real lady's man. But I don't know, I would feel guilty about Dallas. I have to visit him. I smirk. "I'll let you know tonight." I say walking away winking. The rest of the day I find out Dallas' information and I go and visit him. I sit down in the room and have my phone on the phone waiting for him to come in.
He walks in and I smile. He does too. "I didn't think you'd come princess." He says smirking leaning back. "Let's just say I missed your sarcasm Winston." I say winking and he laughs.
He sighs and looks at me. "Look, I think it's best not to visit me as much. I'm gonna try to get out of here man. The system is fucked." I look down. He doesn't want my visits? "So you don't want me coming?" "The more visits I have the more I'm out of the cops sight. The more good I do the quicker I can get out. I need to have you in my arms again twirling you." He puts his hand up on the glass. I put mine over it on my side and smile. "Stay safe Winston." I say with a small tear. "Yeah man, be careful please." He says smiling and I get up. I blow him a kiss and leave. I stand outside and start silently crying.
Why does this hurt so much? We aren't even anything. Why did I catch feelings to him? Now I gotta find a way to get one this bad boy while he's away for god knows how long. Why do I think I love him? Even after all the bad he's done.

Ciao everyone! I hope everyone is good I feel like I'm getting better with my stories but idk. After this I may write my own story from scratch but we will see how this story goes. Enjoy!

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