chapter 19

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after I visited Dallas it had me thinking

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after I visited Dallas it had me thinking. I'm not in love with him. He just makes me feel a certain way. It's like electric kinda. I don't know but I'm not about it. I just need to get over him while he's in jail. I can't be dreading over him being sad while he's probably living it up in jail.
I decide to meet up with Atticus. I go to James' house and I see James, Jax, Atticus and David. I knock on the back door and Atticus walks out. "So you taking me up on my offer?" He says smirking. I nod smirking. "Just this one time, we will see for next time." "Ahhh so you're implying that there will be a next time?" He says smirking and I hit his arm playfully. "Wanna go to the Dingo?" He says reaching his hand out and I nod and put my hand in his hand. "Most definitely." I say smiling.
We walk to the dingo and then I hear boys screaming outside a car. I see Atticus get tense. He knows what is about to come.
We both get our blades out. Only Bob gets out. 4 more boys are in the car.
"Can we talk to you Amber?" Atticus looks at me shaking his head. I sigh and he looks at me convincing. I look at Atticus and walk towards Bob. "What." I say plain. Suddenly I hear Atticus wince in pain but he gets up and punches the guy in the face. He starts coming towards me when a guy punched him in the back of the head. Then I feel warm arms wrap around my waist and it puts me in the back seat of the car. I drop my knife and dry to push him off. Suddenly I feel weight get lifted off me when I see Atticus grabbing Bob and throwing him on the ground and grabbing me and holding me in his arms.
I hold him tight, scared of what would've happened if he didn't help me. He let's go but stays close and kicks Bob in the cheek and gets down to his level and whispers something to him. Then he gives him a look and he turns away and we walk to the Dingo. "How did you get out of that? It looked like you got knocked out." I say confused. He shrugs. "I did black out for a minute, then I saw bob and I couldn't let something happen to you. That jackass has done enough to you." I smile at the facts that he cares. "Let's go get some food." I say smiling. We walk to the dingo and we order our food. We were actually having a really good time. We talked about elementary school and middle school. We had forgotten we were in some of the same classes.
Everyone was in similar classes, I guess people drift. when we were walking out I saw Zoe. Everything kinda froze in time. I kinda forgot I got kicked out. I would usually sleep over at other peoples houses so I would never mind not coming home. But knowing you have no where to go if things go south, isn't a good feeling. I gulp and look at her and a good looking Soc boy. "Atticus l-let's just go.." I say as we are finishing our food. He looks confused and looks out the window. "Why? are you okay?" I nod "my half sister is out there, I-I can't face her..." he nods and hold my hand and puts money on the table. "Let's go." He hold my hand and we run out. "Amber!" I hear her scream. I don't look back at her.
I'm too scared to see what she has to say. We walk around town and we are both having a real good time. I think about the gang. I don't really chill with them anymore. I sigh. "Hey Atticus?" "Yeah?" "I'm gonna stay at the Curtis' tonight. Pony wanted some help with his homework." He nods. "Yeah no problem." He smiles and so do I. He's so attractive.
We walk to the Curtis'. "We should do this more often." He says while smiling and I nod and smile. "Most definitely." I say giggling. He kisses me on the cheek and walk away and I walk inside.
The gang sees me and hugs me and goes crazy. "She's back!!" Pony says excited and hugs me. I smile and hang out with the gang. I missed them so much.
If only Dallas was here.

hello everyone! Almost 100 reads! I know it's small but it's a accomplishment :) I hope everyone had a good day. I'm currently procrastinating so love that. Enjoy!

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