chapter 23

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I wake up the next morning laying in the ground of the woods

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I wake up the next morning laying in the ground of the woods. I heard footsteps but it was just a baby dear. I smiled at the sight. I always had a interest in animals too. I see it's lost and it can't find its family I sigh and look down. I'm mad about how last night went. I wish Dallas and I could just be fine. But he had to talk to me when I was drunk and I just exposed all my inner thoughts. I just stayed there playing with my knife. I decided to explore the woods.
I haven't really been in these woods ever since I was a kid with my dad. We would just explore and find small animals or insects. I found a little fort made of sticks and it had blankets inside. I look inside while curiosity is taking the best of me. I look inside and find stuffed animal and coloring books. This must be a kids safe haven. Maybe the kids going through the same stuff I went through. I look through the coloring books and it has a bunch of pictures of flowers and nature things. The clouds have sad faces colored with crayon.
I get sad a young kid, even younger than I was when my life turned upside down has such a sad life. I get up and I keep walking. That whole day I just explore and I find little things. I found shoes, jackets, a wallet, alcohol bottles. You name it. I found my way back to the tree I fell asleep on. I just sit there and play with my blade. I would love to just live here but I know I couldn't. It's just so peaceful and calm. Suddenly I hear a voice screaming my name and I see Sean and David looking around from where I just came from.
Sean's spots me and they run up to me and hug me. "The gangs been worried sick about you!" Sean says with concern in his voice. I smile. "Thanks Sean." "Are you okay?" David asks. I nod. "Can you just take me back to your house? I need to change I wreak of alcohol." He agrees about my smell and we all laugh. We go back and I go up to Ash's room and I see the three girls and they all run up to me and hug me. "I thought something happened to you." Brooke says concerned. I shake my head. I told them about what I saw at the abandoned house and they all look confused too. Why would Randy tell me he dropped the Soc boys when he didn't? Very weird if you ask me.
Ash gives me some clothes and I take a shower and change. We all just relax and talk. "Atticus is real worried you know. Ever since you left the party he was looking for you." Ash says. I look confused. "What did Dallas do when I left?" They all look at each other. Winter decides to speak up. "Well, you're not gonna like this but I think you should know.." "Cherry came to the party and they hooked up" "Brooke!" Ash and Winter screams. Brooke is a anxious speaker if you couldn't tell.
He hooked up with Cherry. His apology meant shit. Maybe he just didn't think much of it. I look down. Or maybe he just doesn't care. "What was Atticus doing when I left?" I ask with a sad tone. "Soda Steve and Atticus all went to look for you. Everyone did. The Curtis' gang and our gang. Besides Dallas. He was beyond pissed. Maybe he just hooked up with her to get some weight off his shoulder." Ash says trying to make Dallas seem like less of a ass. "Atticus Steve and Soda haven't been seen since the party. We should go to my house to check if they are back." I nod and we walk over. When I walk in both gangs were there and they jump up and bear hug me. I looked around. No sigh of Dallas.
Atticus Steve and Soda walk down the stairs and when Atticus sees me he runs down and hugs me tight and spins me. It reminded me of that one time when Dallas went looking for me. I smile and giggle and he lets me down and Steve and Soda hug me tight. "I thought something happened." Soda says with sadness laced in his voice. I smile and Steve looked real happy to see me. "Let's get some food. I'm starving." Everyone laughs and agrees. When we are walking Jax walks up to me with Liam on the other side. "You're a good hider Evans." Jax says with impression in his voice. Liam just looks Brooke up and down. She's walking in front of us. "Maybe I'm the real hider in the group." I say smirking and he pushes my arm playfully. We all walk in and the workers at the dingo looked over whelmed. We fit in four booths. Soda, Steve, Pony and Darry in one, Me Winter, Johnny and Atticus in another, Two-bit, David, Jax and Ash in another, and lastly Brooke, James, Liam and Sean in the last one.
We were all louder than we should've been. I sat across from Atticus and I saw Johnny just keeps looking out the window. I know he is constantly scared of Bob coming to hurt him. I feel horrible.
Then I see him walk in.

Another chapter! This was kinda rushed but hey whatever. I hope you guys have a good day! Maybe I'll write later but I'll see. Love you guys!

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