chapter 30

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The next night Dallas and I decided to go to the drive in

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The next night Dallas and I decided to go to the drive in. We took a car he borrowed from Buck. We were cuddling in the car, watching the movie. It was about some shit with a beach, every single movie is a beach movie. That's what the wave is. I'm so funny.
"Hey Amber?" Dallas says and I look up at him and I smile and nod. "Would you be my girl?" He asks and I smile and nod. "Most definitely." I say a little bit too excited and he laughs. I sit up and I lean over towards him. He leans in too and we kiss. It was a passionate kiss. We both kept the kiss going, not wanting to pull out. Suddenly we hear a bang at the window and we both jump and look out the window and we see Two-Bit laughing and Dallas sticks up his middle finger and I laugh.
Two-Bit ruins everything. He just stumbles away because he was obviously shit faced. I look in his eyes. "Dallas, I love you." I say looking in his eyes and gets confused. "You what?" I look down and shake my head. "Never mind forget about it." I say and he grabs my face. "I love you too, Amber Evans."
I love you too.
That kept ringing in my head. He loves me. After everything we went through, he loves me. After all the pain he caused me, after all the pain I caused him. After all our fights, after all our happy moments, after meeting in 8th grade. Two broken souls have came to love each other. Suddenly we fall into a passionate kiss. More passionate than any other kisses we shared. I cupped his face with my hands and Dallas has one hand on my cheek. I love you.
We just kept kissing.
Then we pull out and we both smile. We go back to Bucks, not to party, not to have sex. We just got ready for bed and I wore his t-shirt and boxers and he wore boxers, and we just cuddled: In that moment I felt like everything I wen through lead me up to this moment. Meeting him, being scared to talk to him when I first met him.
We pull out and smile again. "I'm real happy with you Amber." He says with a shy smile and I laugh. "Did I turn he infamous Dallas Winston soft?" I say smirking and he laughs and shakes his head. "You wish." I shake my head. "You know I'm right." "Nah I'm stuff tuff." He says joking and we both just laugh. We cuddle and watch the rest of the movie and smoke some cancer sticks.
After that we take a ride to the dingo and eat some burgers, talking about random stuff. He asks me to move in with him at Bucks and I agreed to his offer. It just seemed right. Dallas is my world. I've never felt this way about anyone in my life before. All those people that I've been with in the past just brought me closer and closer with Dallas.
Dallas is my soulmate.
I've figured out Dallas and I don't have a electric feel, we are electric when we are together.

Hey guys. So bad news, there is one more chapter left in the book. It's gonna say everyone's endings. But it doesn't have to be the end I can write a sequel. Soooo lmk if I should do that :) also sorry it's lowkey a shitty ending I'll probably do a prequel

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