chapter 1

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I'm sorry if this is bad this will hopefully get better as time goes on. also sorry if my punctuation and capitalization isn't good I type in all lowercase for the most part but I'll work on it lol but enjoy!!

 also sorry if my punctuation and capitalization isn't good I type in all lowercase for the most part but I'll work on it lol but enjoy!!

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I hate living at home. All that goes on is my bullshit mother screaming at me to get a job so she can steal my money to get more dope. She's a fiend, addicted. This all started once my father died 4 years ago, she's been hooked. It's sad someone can be in so much pain that they could fuck up their life that bad.

my mother didn't love my father though. Before I came along she had a affair while my father went to Italy for a business trip. they were together for a long time they were together since their freshman year of high school. she screwed some random man she met. That's how my obnoxious older sister came along.

Once my dad died, that horrible man my mom claims to "love" moved into my house with that whore of a daughter. She's a soc, I am a greaser. You can see how that can be a issue. "I hope you catch lung cancer you grease ball" zoe says as she rolls her eyes. My mother doesn't care if I smoke in the house, hell I could be hooked on dope too but she wouldn't care.

"Oh shove it Zoe. Go with your fancy Soc friends, I jumped 3 of them last week." I took a long drag from my cigarette and smirk. "And you wonder why you can't get a guy, guys don't want a tuff girl they want someone with class" she spats which causes me to giggle. "So that's why you have sex with every Soc in the school. Pretty classy Zoe I have to say" I say smirking and she rolls her eyes and stomps out of my room and slams her door.

When she first moved in we were actually pretty close, she was always there for me when my mother would beat me and do drugs in front of me. At that time I was in 8th grade and she was a freshman. She was a year older than me. But once high school came around she got more invested into the Soc vs Greaser thing and that's when everything went south. Now she is a senior and I am a junior.

We are complete opposites, Zoe likes pink, she's very peppy and is a cheerleader. She enjoys going to the mall and having girly typical sleepovers with her friends. Me on the other hand? I like black, I only wear ripped skinny jeans, a white black or grey tee shirt for the most part, unless I actually feel like trying, and I wear a leather jacket. I don't really have friends but it doesn't bother me.

I get bored of hearing my mother and Zoe's father fight about my mother's addiction so I decided to go for a walk. That's when things started to change for me.

Sorry if this is a whole mess I suck at writing. I know it's kinda messy but I want to improve. Some fun facts about me are is that I'm a cheerleader, I hate school, I'm losing my friends all at once and I'm excited for Christmas 🤪

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