chapter 5

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I wake up the next morning with the bright sunlight hitting my face

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I wake up the next morning with the bright sunlight hitting my face. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom and brush my teeth and do everything you'd usually do in a bathroom. I go back to my room and get ready for school. Don't get me wrong I hate school, but I love getting away from my mother. The weekends are usually the worst.
I walk out my room and bump into Zoe. "Watch it." I say flatly and walk in front of her. She usually takes the bus or have one of her friends pick her up for school. I sit outside absorbing the bright sunlight and the chilly weather while I smoke my cigarette. "A?" I look over to the front door and see Zoe. "What do you want Soc?" I say sternly, not giving her much attention. I was just observing the structure of my cancer stick.
"I'm sorry for everything.. I heard what happened with Bob and I'm sorry.. I can take you clothes shopping and we can be sisters, all my friends think you're drop dead gorgeous, A. Just that greaser act of yours won't get you no Soc friends." She says with a sad expression on her face. With Zoe I never know if she's really being sincere or if she's trying to set me up. "I don't care what your Soc friends say about me and I ain't no musty Soc. Socs are bad people hence why you're one." I say sharply obviously hurting Zoe. She looks down and walks to her friends car. I just take a long drag of my cigarette. Zoe has hurt me one too many times I'm not falling for her tricks ever again.
I end up stomping my cigarette out and start to walk to school. I see a group of boys goofing around a couple feet in front of me. I heard Two-Bits chuckle so I obviously knew it was the gang.
I jog up to them. "Hey guys." I say probably a bit happier than I should've said it. They all smile and greet me. Pony boy is very observant because he saw right through my sisters makeup that I stole and saw all the bruises and new cuts on my face from my mother last night. "What happened to your face?" He asks confused. "It wasn't like that yesterday Amber.." "Exactly right Ponyboy.. I'm wearing makeup!" I saw smiling trying to keep my lie. All the boys believed me besides Pony.
Once we were all at the school Ponyboy took me aside and looked at me concerned. We were about the same height, about 5'6 but he looks to be a inch or two taller. "Amber you can tell me what happened. I'm a good listener really." He says concerned. I sigh and I look at his eyes. "Okay but you gotta promise not to tell any of the guys." He nods. "My mother beat me last night, she usually does. Nothing big I'm used to it by now." I say with no emotion. But it's not like I was hiding my feelings I really was used to it. It's been going on since I was 10. That's when my mother stopped loving me. Ponyboy sighs and looks down. "I'm real sorry.. Wanna know something that may help? Maybe it will calm you down a bit after it all goes down.." "yeah why not" "watch a sunset. They are beautiful. Everytime me and Darry fight I just go on my roof and watch sunsets. They make me feel calm. They are calm." I smile and hug him. "Thanks Pony" I smile while hugging him. "No problem." He smiles. "I can tell we will be real good friends." I laugh. My smile quickly fades when I see the group of Soc boys who jumped me the other day. Pony realizes what I'm looking at and glares.
Boy do I hate Socs

Hello everyone school was horrible. Writing actually helps clear my head. I've been having a rough time lately and honestly this is so calming LMFAO but I hope you guys enjoy this. I'm gonna try to make it long because personally I like long stories. I hope all of you had a better day than I did. Also sorry this was short next chapter will be longer

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