Chapter 10

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Of course, I caught up with the vehicles in no time. I zoomed by the cop car and started running next to the driver side of the vehicle in pursuit. I tapped on the drivers window and I think I startled him. I mean, who expects to see some one running next to their vehicle while they're doing roughly seventy. He started increasing his speed and so did I. He looked back over at me, his eyes wide, then reached on his side and pulled a gun on me.

'Why am I not surprised?' I thought to myself 'Another gun.'

I punched the window, spraying glass all over the guy, and ripped the gun away from his hand, throwing it down in the street.

"Bad move!" I screamed over the wind. I reached in the car and pulled the hood release latch, then ran to the front of the car, popped the hood, and disconnected the battery. I pulled the battery's out, the car sputtering, the guy trying to keep it going. I slammed the hood and got next to the driver side again, showing him my trophy. I dropped it, ran to the front of the car again, put my hands on the hood, and started running on the opposite direction. The car started slowing drastically, and so did the cop car behind us.

'Great' I thought 'there go the rest of my shoes.'

The car finally came to a stop, and I casually walked up t0 the driver side, opened the door, and pulled the driver out. I turned him around to face the cops, one man and one woman, and they had their mouths open with astonishment. I looked at the guys in the back seat.

"Don't ray what he did guys. Leave the guns in the holsters and I won't have a reason to beat the crap outta you, understand?" I said. They shook their heads yes furiously, a little scared to try anything at all. I walked up to the cops, and handed them the guy.

"Sir," started the lady cop, "what is your name?"

I had to think fast on this one, never thinking I would have to come up with a super hero name. Then as fast as the lighting struck, I had a name.

"Call me Speed."

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