Chapter 1

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I woke up, bright lights overhead burned into my eyelids, forcing me to wake up. 'What happened?' I thought to myself. Then the memories hit me like a freight train with no brakes. 'I was struck by lightning!'

I started to panic. I looked around, noticing the white walls. I saw the IV hooked up to my arm, the clear liquid running into me like a river on a warm sunny day. The constant beeping told me my heart monitor was to my left. There was also three floor to ceiling windows to my left, letting in bright warm sunlight. I realized now what I had thought was overhead lights was actually the sunlight.

  There was a T.V. on the far wall, opposite of me, playing some sappy movie, that I can't remember the name to, that my mom would watch on one of her off nights. Mom!  I panicked, looking around to the other side of the room. There was a door, a restroom, then my eyes finally landed on her. She was asleep in a hospital chair, with a pillow propped up on the arm rest, her head laid down on it, and a light hospital blanket draped over her. Her brown hair was covering her face, and you could hear her soft snore. She looked so peaceful that I didn't want to wake her up, but I needed some answers.

"Mom?" I croaked, my voice sounding like sandpaper scratching against wood. She didn't stir, still snoring away softly.

"Mom!" I said louder, startling her. She threw the blanket to the ground, taking the pillow with it.

"Tyler?" she said, not quite sure of herself. "Tyler! Oh baby, you're awake, oh I was so worried and you've been in a coma for six weeks and..." She came and swept me into an embrace, hugging me and crying and she was still babbling on, but I had stopped listening.

'Six weeks?!?' I thought to myself. 'I've been out for six weeks!'

"Mr. Daniels?" asked a doctor, who came in sometime while I was trying to recover from the shock of being out for so long.

"Y-y-yes?" I stuttered, trying not to sound like an utter fool. 'To late' I thought to myself

"I am Doctor Jenkins" started the doctor "I was coming in here to do a regular checkup, when I noticed that you're awake. Now, since you are awake, here in a few hours, you can go home!" he said, trying to put on  a fake smile letting us know he was genuinely happy for me, but also there was something else, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it.

"Oh thank the heavens!" praised my mother, shaking the doctors hand "Thank you so much Doctor!" she exclaimed, pulling the doctor into an embrace. He looked astounded, almost like he didn't get thanked like this very often.

I stiffled a laugh, knowing that my mother is a very affectionate person and will thank just about anybody like that.

"Yes, okay, right then," said the doctor, stumbling over his words "let me go get a couple nurses, we will run a few tests, then we will get the paper work settled and you can go."

We thanked him as he walked out. Then I tried to stand.

"What do you think you are doing young man?" said my mom with a don't-ever-scare-me-like-this-again tone.

"Calm down mom. Being asleep for six weeks really works up the bladder. I gotta take a leak" I said. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and planting my bare feet on the cold linoleum floor.

"Here, let me at least help you." said my mom. I refused and started detaching everything from my body. I stood up, testing my weight but something felt off. I couldn't tell what it was, but Ididn't feel my usual weight on my feet. That, and my left knee that constantly hurt when I walked was gone. I jumped up and down, feeling a little spring inside me that I didn't know I had before. I felt amazing!

"Calm down there a little bit honey." said my mom, a look of worry on here face.

Then the real reason I got up hit me. I needed pee badly. I did a little fast walk to the bathroom and let it out. It felt amazing. Afterwards, I went to the sink to wash my hands and I looked up in the mirror they had there. Like I had thought before, there was something wrong with me. Looking in that mirror, I saw me, but at the same time, it wasn't me. I had my same hazel-green eyes and brown hair, but that's where the similarities stopped. I looked at a well chiseled face, all of the extra flesh that would hang around my face was gone. I looked down at my body and removed my hospital gown. Underneath, instead of the plump belly and sagging man-tits, was perfectly chiseled abs, a whole six pack. I had always joked around saying that there was a six pack somewhere in the cooler. Now instead of the usual three hundred pounds I was used to, I was two forty five easily, and well defined.

'Huh, getting stuck with lighting gave me abs' I thought to myself as I went back out into the room I had been asleep in for six weeks.

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