Chapter 8

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Andrew looked behind me and his eyes widened with fear.

"Turn around kid, slowly," said a gruff voice behind me. So I did. What I turned around to is something nobody wants to turn around to. About twenty yards out, was a seriously buff looking dude, maybe in his thirties, with black hair standing about six and a half feet tall, tattoos covering both of his arms and some peaking above his shirt collar. He held and assault rifle to his shoulder, and it looked to be pointed right at me.

"What're you boys doing here. Didn't y'all see the no trespassing sign out front?" He asked, looking seriously aggravated.

"We did sir," I started, " but it looked like this place had been untouched for about twenty years."

"We mean no harm..."started Andrew, but was cut off by the man.

"I don't give a shit what y'all mean and didn't mean! Private property! Stay off!" He screamed at us. "I saw what you did kid," he said raking his gun up and down my body, letting us know he was talking about me.

"I don't know what you're..."

"Don't bull shit me kid!" He screamed. "That was something else, whatcha did with the lightning swirling around ya. I have never seen anything like it before."

"We understand sir," I started "and before today, neither have we."

"Well, I guess you're mine now, huh? Sure will make moving our loads a lot easier." He said, a grin setting upon his face.

"What do you mean?" Asked Andrew.

"Well, this little newly formed plan I have doesn't concern you, so I think I outta take care of you now" said the man. He aimed his gun at Andrew, and fired. Panic flooded me and time slowed. I could see the bullet headed straight for Andrew. Not even thinking about it, I stepped in front of him and plucked the bullet right out of the air. Time caught back up, and I dropped the bullet at my feet.

"That was a big mistake man." I said, rage now replacing my fear. The man let off a couple more rounds, straight at my chest, and I slowed time, picking the bullets out of the air again.

"And that'll be your last mistake" I said, sprinting towards him, blue lighting crackling around my body. I started circling him, and when I thought he had enough confusion, I sprinted up to him and punched him square in the chest, then in the jaw, and for good measure, I plowed a fist right into his gut. Time caught back up to me, and I casually walked over to where he was laying on the ground. I squatted down and pulled his head up by his hair.

"See, I told you that would be your last mistake." Then I slammed his face into the ground to make sure he stayed out for a while. I looked over at Andrew, his jaw open from amazement.

"Dude, That was epic!" He yelled. I sprinted to his side, loving the feeling of the electricity flowing through me. I skidded to a stop and then tripped on a rock and fell face first into the dirt.

"Looks like we're gonna have to work a little bit more. Also, we have to get you some new clothes." he said. I looked down and sure enough I had holes in my clothes, smoking away like I had burnt them in there on purpose.

"Yeah yeah," I said, a little disappointed in what just happened "let's just get out of here before more of his people show up. I hope you didn't have a big lunch today."

What is that supposed to..." he started, but I cut him off as I grabbed his arm and zoomed away, the wind taking away his frantic screaming.

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