Chapter 27

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The video went viral. To viral. In under a day the video had gotten somewhere around one million views. Worst part about it all?


That thought ran through my head for the rest of the weekend. I was panicking. I didn't know what to do at all. I guess in all my worrying I forgot to call Sarah to let her know I was okay. She stopped by the house that Sunday to check up on me.

"Tyler?" She called out, knocking on the glass door. I didn't answer. I messed up pretty bad. I let my identity get out. I honestly didn't know what to do.

I heard the door open and a conversation started between my mom and Sarah. It was a brief one, then the door closed and I heard a pair of footsteps headed my way. There was a light knock at my door.

"Tyler?" It was Sarah, "Look, I know it may seem bad now, but honestly how much worse could it get?" I flew into a rage after she said that. I jerked my bedroom door open so fast I nearly ripped it off the hinges.

"How much worse could it get?" I said right in her face. "How much worse can it get?! Let me tell you. If my dad was telling the truth, then there will be people coming after me in no time. I used my powers to save those people quickly and in doing so forgot my mask and revealed myself. So for all we know I could be dead tomorrow Sarah. That's how much worse it could get." It was clear I scared her in my little tantrum I was having.

"Tyler, I know you're scared. I'm honestly scared for you. You can't let this get the best of you though, you get that? You let this consume you you'll never get back out there and use your powers again." She said.

I looked down. I knew she was right. I couldn't let this get the best of me. If I did, I'll never find my dad.

"So what do we do?" I asked her.

"How about we just sleep it off until the morning." She said.

"That....sounds like a good idea" I said. I looked over at my bed, then looked back at her. She grabbed my hand and led me to my bed. She laid down facing the wall and I settled myself behind her draping my arm over her. In no time we were both asleep.

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