Infiniteum by Rinkou
Infiniteumby Rin
[Formerly Featured!] Coming back from a vacation, with a gun pointed at her head was definitely not what Jean Saunders expected. Especially seeing a man flying around in...
  • superheros
  • hero
  • love
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Shift by sammykitkatcat
Shiftby sammykitkatcat
Shift is a supervillain. She considers herself evil, but her villainy is put to the test when a bird with a broken wing shows up at her front door. Technically.... His n...
  • supervillain
  • super
  • superpowers
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Supergirl (Kara Danvers) X Reader  by Gumballino
Supergirl (Kara Danvers) X Reader by Gumballino
A/N Thank you for choosing to read this story.As always this story works for Male and Female readers. This story takes place a little bit after Supergirl in Season 2 (Mo...
  • super
  • karadanversxreader
  • danvers
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Big City Villain  | BC Trilogy #1✔️ by peneloperaywrites
Big City Villain | BC Trilogy #1✔️by Burnt_Pencakes
Seventeen-year-old Coal Black takes being the bad boy to a whole new level. A super level. Known as the city's terrifying super villain, Headphones, Coal works hard to k...
  • teen
  • crownexcitement
  • agwritingawards
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Buzzkill [Winter Soldier] by NoraCampbell
Buzzkill [Winter Soldier]by Nora Campbell
Sold to a facility at six years old to be raised as an assassin, Sweden-born Ruth Rogers was trained by whatever means necessary to become a lethal weapon. As she grew...
  • hydra
  • captainamerica
  • thewintersoldier
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The Crazy Adventures of Aqua Girl by awritercalledemma
The Crazy Adventures of Aqua Girlby e m m a
Cascade Brown is an average 15-year-old girl, living in a not-so-normal world. Ever since the beginning of the 'Super Era' there have been hundreds of superheroes sprout...
  • superheroes
  • teenage
  • teenfiction
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❝melancholy❞ ➳ danganronpa oneshots. by -saiihara
❝melancholy❞ ➳ danganronpa h.toga
❝i'm in pain, wanna put ten shots in my brain i've been tripped by some things i can't change❞ 「ダンガンロンパ」 !oneshots!
  • ouma
  • death
  • kokichi
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Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔ by OutrageousOllo
Should Have Been The Bad Guy | ✔by Olive Goodwin (Ollo)
Tim is really dumb and he should have died at the beginning of this novel, because science, but he didn't, because superpowers. He does the cool kid thing and uses his p...
  • superpowers
  • humor
  • super
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Hidden Enemies | Book 2 by ProjectPr1de
Hidden Enemies | Book 2by L.D Jones
A year has passed. Primes have been appearing all over the world ever since the ''Incident'' orchestrated by Blodgharm. PRIDE has since been employed by the government...
  • civilwar
  • sciencefiction
  • heroes
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Alive but not Awake || Bucky Barnes by X-Lisa-Anne-X
Alive but not Awake || Bucky Barnesby Lisa Anne
Ava Rogers, sister to Steve - the lover to Bucky Barnes. She fell from an impossible height out of a moving Hydra train back in 1945, Steve and Bucky believed her to hav...
  • soilder
  • america
  • attack
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Male Saiyan Reader x Harem by APoshBrit
Male Saiyan Reader x Haremby Son Akira
So I decided to try my hand at writing and this was the best idea I could come up with
  • malereader
  • seemslikestagedirectionsbecauseisuckatwriting
  • super
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Mr. Forgettable #Wattys2016 by bookgirlsmiles
Mr. Forgettable #Wattys2016by anna
Larkin Knolls is a superhero. Combine that with being a sophomore in high school, and she's got her calendar booked. Homework, crime fighting, and the occasional binge m...
  • frenemy
  • assassination
  • fiction
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The Power Above The Gods by PhoenixBlaze2468
The Power Above The Godsby Phoenix Blaze
This Is A Dragon Ball Z/Super X Highschool DxD Crossover
  • crossover
  • phoenix
  • dragonballz
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EXO Imagines by baek48hyun
EXO Imaginesby 강선윤
feel free to comment anything, vote, or follow me :) Started: Sept 20,2015
  • kris
  • kai
  • exo
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 Nagito Komaeda x Reader : L O S I N G     Ḥ O P E (rewritten/revised) by Ni-tress
Nagito Komaeda x Reader : L O S GothGirlfriend
Old Fanfic, Original publish date was: June, 2nd, 2014 She was the only one who truly cared about him. His family and friends were all dead, or had left him for his 'bad...
  • komaeda
  • super
  • xreader
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Let's Go (BoyxBoy) by sharingan4
Let's Go (BoyxBoy)by Meme Queen
Teen Wolf/Supernatural Crossover. Pairings: Sterek, Destiel, Scisaac, eventual Allydia Stiles Winchester hasn't had the most traditional of upbringings, what with having...
  • boyslove
  • supernatural
  • gay
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Secretly Super| Lab Rats by caler_jo_hyden
Secretly Super| Lab Ratsby Caler Jo Hyden
In which a secret superhuman befriends three teen bionic heroes. All rights belong to the creators and producers of the Disney television show Lab Rats. I only own the...
  • donald
  • lab
  • chase
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Trust Issues [Justin Bieber Love Story] by JustinAusBieber
Trust Issues [Justin Bieber Love JustinAusBieber
Sasha Skies was over getting her heart broken by boys she thought she loved. After getting dumped at prom she swears to herself that she will never fall for another boy...
  • bieber
  • bass
  • minaj
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Joke Book!  by adorations
Joke Book! by Z a r
Bored? Need an awesome comeback? Or just a good joke once in a while? Well, you came to the right place!
  • exciting
  • chuckle
  • awesome
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Haunting ⇝ Bucky Barnes {2} {Editing} by eccentricboulevard
Haunting ⇝ Bucky Barnes {2} { spring hoe
After almost 70 years of living alone, Lydia Wilson comes to Washington DC on a break from her manhunt for the elusive Winter Soldier. Upon arrival, she finds out the gr...
  • lydia
  • falcon
  • samwilson
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