Chapter 26

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I ran out the door and the fire was spreading rapidly. I didn't know what to do. I hadn't been out in this situation before. I started panicking, I could feel my heart racing, I started breathing incredibly hard. I was frozen in place as the fire kept spreading around the house, destroying anything it touched. Then I heard a scream over all the other screams and the roaring fire in front of me. The screaming had come from behind me, from Sarah's room...

Her scream brought me out of my daze, and I looked around once again, actually seeing what was going on. People were panicking and scared, and I could save them. I grabbed my handkerchief from my back pocket, wrapped it around my face, and got ready to work. First things first though, Sarah. I ran to her room, blue lighting following me, and I was watching the flames in slow motion. I burst through Sarah's door, found her cowering in a corner, scooped her up, and rushed her out of her house and away from the flames.

"Tyler," she managed to cough up, "save them." I gave her a determined look and ran off, leaving dust in my place.

I got back into the house, and started grabbing people two at a time and hauling them outside. All in under three minutes, I had everyone out of the house that was engulfed in flames. At least, that's what I thought. From somewhere behind me, a girl started screaming a name.

"Tony!" She yelled. "He's still in there! Please save him!" I looked back at the house. If I didn't find him the first time around then I wasn't gonna find him while the house was still on fire. I had to put it out.

I thought about everything I'd read about, all the flash comics, and it hit me. In one of those comics, Barry Allen has to put out a warehouse fire. He had spun his arms at an incredibly fast rate. One clockwise, the other counter clockwise. At least I thought that's how it went. I guess there's only one way to find out.

I spin my left arm clockwise, and then my right counter, and before I knew it, I had two miniature tornadoes on the end of my arms. I increased the speed and stepped closer to the house, and sure enough it started to put out the fire. After about thirty seconds, the fire was completely out. I dashed back inside, did a quick sweep, and came back out lugging tony in my arms. I laid him down on the ground, and checked for a pulse. I started to panic because I couldn't find one.

The girl that had mentioned him earlier was bawling her eyes out, screaming that she wanted to see him but was being held back by another dude, for her own good of course.

'I can't believe I let this happen.' I thought to myself. These people depended on me and I let them down. I let one die. Of course, me being me, I wasn't gonna let that stop me from trying to bring him back. I began running my hands together incredibly fast, blue lighting jumping around my hands. I didn't know if this was gonna work, but I know if I didn't try I'd regret it for a long time.

I stopped rubbing my hands together, blue arcs of electricity still jumping between them. I then hesitated, but only for a second, then slammed my hands onto his chest, his body absorbing the electrical shock. I checked for a pulse and there still wasn't one. Someone kneeled down beside me, planted a hand on my shoulder, and looked me in the eyes.

"I believe in you." He said "I don't know you, but I know you can do it." Then everyone throughout the crowd started murmuring that they believe in me, that they knew I could do it.

This gave me a slight burst of confidence. I started rubbing my hands together vigorously, creating an even bigger electrical current around my hands, and when I though it was big enough, I separated my hands and slammed them down on Tony's chest. After his body absorbed the electricity from my hands, his eyes flew open and he took in a big breath of air. I stood up and stepped back as his girl came and attacked him with a bear hug.

"Man, who are you?" Said someone holding there phone up recording me.

"The name is Speed." I said looking directly into the camera. Then I saw the red and blue lights coming down the road, and I was gone like a whisper in the wind.

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