Chapter 7

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So the next few days went as follows: we read up on some old Flash comics, watched every episode of The Flash, and educated ourselves on what we believe exists, the Speed Force. After those few days of cramming information about speedsters and the Speed Force, instead of doing our actual school work,Andrew thought it would be a good idea for me to try and practice with my new found powers. We went to an abandoned junk yard, a place that looked like it hadn't been touched in twenty some-odd years.

"I dunno man," I said hesitantly, "this could honestly go south, and it wouldn't be very pretty."

"C'mon man," Andrew insisted, "don't wuss out now. We have learned a lot and I honestly think you're ready."

"Alright, if you insist." I said again, very hesitantly. I strapped up a bike helmet on my head, made sure my knee and elbow pads were in place, and concentrated. It was taking some time, to much time, and I was starting to grow impatient.

"Look man, it isn't working," I said. "Maybe the three times it actually happened was a fluke, maybe I imagined it."

"Yeah, maybe you did," he said, "but did I?"

He had a very good point. He saw me do it on the shop at school, so unless we're trapped in this same dream, which is highly unlikely, I actually have powers.

"Okay," started Andrew, "think about the way lightning moves, how fast it moves, what it looks like, what it smells like, what it feels, sorry, felt like. Let the energy you have stored up go. It's in there, you just gotta unleash it."

"But," I said, "I don't exactly know what lighting smells like."

"Not the point!" He exclaimed. " Stop being a smart ass and get out there and do it man, I know you can!"

So I got back down in my running stance, and thought about lightning. I thought about it hard, but it was difficult to do so with that light humming in my ears. I tried to ignore the noise and concentrate, but the more I concentrated, the louder it got, so I finally opened my eyes and realized that the light humming I heard, it was nothing but blue electricity swirling my body, my head, creating the humming. I looked over at Andrew only to realize that he was impossibly still.

'I'm doing it' I thought to myself. 'I'm really doing it!' I got so excited I jumped into the air and went about ten feet up. I landed pretty roughly, but nothing broken, so I was okay.

"This is amazing!" I screamed, realizing I was probably the only one that could hear me at the moment. I looked over at Andrew, who was bringing his phone out of his pocket.

'Oh no' I thought as panic started to flood through me. I couldn't let him video me. I couldn't let anyone have the chance to accidentally share my secret. That's something I couldn't have.

I didn't even have to concentrate to turn my speed off, I just thought off and it was off. Andrew looked at me, eyes filled with amazement. I looked at him, looked at the phone in his hand, then looked back at him, and I guess he got the message.

"I just figured you'd like to see your self when you're moving fast." He explained. " After I saw you jump up, which was very impressive by the way, I grabbed for my phone just to show you what you looked like. I was gonna show you and delete the video right afterwards."

"Look man, I understand, but we can't have the chance of a video like that leaking out into the public. They would all go crazy knowing that there was a normal kid with abilities. Can we at least wait on the filming until I get a mask?" I asked.

"Sure man, no problem." He said. "But you just said you were getting a mask? Does this mean you are actually gonna right bar guys?"

"Well, after doing that, I am thinking about it now," I said.

"Well that's awesome and all, but don't you have to figure out the running part of it all? I mean, you can't exactly just vault over your enemies and they'll be beat."He said, with a wide smart ass grin on his face.

"Yeah yeah yeah kiss my ass" I said, starting to crack up from the comment. Then he started laughing. And we couldn't stop. At least, not until we heard the gun cock behind me.

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