Chapter 28

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Morning came, and I dreaded what the day was to bring. Sarah had to leave earlier than I wanted to but promised she would meet me at school so I wouldn't have to face the crowd alone.

I did everything as slow as possible. Showering, getting dressing, even breakfast I took incredibly slow. I tried telling my mom I was sick, but unfortunately she had seen the video and told me I would have to face the music sooner or later. So I did.

I stepped out the door, did a quick little stretch, and was gone before I could psych myself out of it. The run, as always, felt exhilarating.

I came to a grinding halt when I got to the school. I waited and waited for Sarah, but she never showed. First period was about to begin and I told my mom that I wouldn't skip out on school today, so I didn't. I went inside. The halls were mostly empty except for the few kids trying to hurry and get to class, but as I passed by they stopped rushing and stared. A couple of kids gawked at me, with what I could only imagine was pure terror in their eyes. I kept walking though. I knew something like this would happen.

I got to my first period class room door, exhaled deeply, and knocked. My teacher opened the door, stared me down intensely, and let me in. I walked in, head down, and continued to my desk. I set my bag against the wall, sat down, and looked down at the desk.

Just as the teacher was about to start going on with the lesson she was on, someone started clapping. Then someone else, and another, until the whole room was clapping. I looked up, and the whole class was looking at me clapping. That wasn't the reaction I had been expecting. Honestly, I thought they would make me more of an outcast then ever, but they embraced my powers, and congratulated me for it. I didn't know what to say, so I got up, and left. Walked down the hall, and the class followed. They started knocking on other doors, telling people I was here. Soon enough, the whole school was out and surrounding me, cheering me on. I didn't want this. I did what anyone else would do, but they didn't see it as that way. They saw me as a hero, an actual hero. I guess I kind of was.

All the clapping was interrupted by a screeching sound over the loud speakers, the T.V.s went haywire, throwing static up on the screens. Then a picture clarified itself, and what was on the screen scared me more than when my first period started clapping for me. It was Sarah, tied up, gagged, with a bleeding cut under her left eye. She looked extremely scared. A voice produced itself over the speakers.

"Speed" it said, with what sounded like a deep auto tuner masking their voice "or should I call you by your actual name Tyler? I have your little girlfriend here. You want to see her alive again?" Whoever it was, appeared on screen with a mask over their face, " Go to where you first learned how to use your powers. You should know where that is. Until then, goodbye."

The screen went black, the whole school was quiet, as they all looked at me in anticipation of what I would do, and fortunately, I knew exactly what to do.

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