Chapter 11

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I ran back to Andrews car, where he was finishing up a phone call.

"How did it go?" He asked me

"Well," I started, " I have my superhero name now."

"What did you come up with?" He Asked excitedly.

"Speed." I said, giving it a little smoulder.

"Speed?" He asked "Seriously?" He started busting out laughing.

"Hey, you try coming up with a name on the spot." I protested.

"Okay, what about Blue Blaze?" He asked, trying to stifle back laughter so he could talk straight.

"Wow, that's actually pretty good." I said, a little amazed I didn't think of that one. I mean, my lightning is blue after all.

"Well it's to late now." He said. "Speed" He started laughing again.

"Yeah yeah yeah, shut ya trap." I said. "Who were you on the phone with?" I asked. His laughter subsided almost immediately.

"No one." He said " No one important anyways."

"Okay, Yeah, sure." I said. " It was that chick you have a crush on, wasn't it?" I asked. "What was her name? Audrey?"

"Aubrey Miller." He said. "Yeah, that was her."

"What did she want?" I asked, curiosity taking over.

"She wanted to know  if I wanted to go catch a movie tonight." He said

"Your answer was?" I asked.

"I told her yeah, we could." He said

"Bro, that's amazing! Look at you go man!" I said, hyping him up. He turned as red as a tomato. "Now, I gotta work on getting my girl, and I hope that these new powers of mine will help me out with that."

"Wait, you mean Sarah Brown?" He asked a little concerned. "You know she's dating that jock Ethan Campbell, right? He star of the football team for Christ's sake!"

"I know, but when I join the team, possibly become the new football star, she'll be all over me." I said, a little to confidently.

"Ethan doesn't exactly like you, remember?" He asked.

"Of course I remember." I said. I did remember, me and Ethan's junior year, I caught wind that he had hit Sarah, and that didn't settle right with me. So I confronted him about it.

Junior year
"Ethan!" I yelled down the hall. "Heard your little pussy ass bitch couldn't handle a real mans fight, so you decided to hit a girl! Doesn't sound very manly of you!" I got up in his face.

"What did you just say ass wipe? He said, not even denying it.

"You heard me bitch. Word gets around quick, especially when yo girl starts saying that you did." I said, our noses almost touching. I looked behind him at Sarah. "Is it true or not?" I asked her.

"Yes, it is." She said a little shyly.

"Bitch." Said Ethan, and raised his hand like he was gonna back hand her. I grabbed his hand, and then punched him square in the nose. He started bleeding almost instantly.

"Asshole!" He yelled, and his right hand connected to the left side of my jaw. I felt a little blood trickle down the side of my face. I reached up, collected the blood off of my face, and licked it off my finger.

"Is that all you got bitch? Damn, no wonder you hit girls instead of fight guys." I said, and instantly regretted it. He reared back his right hand and knocked me smooth out. I was suspended the next three days.

"And for some odd reason, she's still with him." I said, still remembering what happened that day.

"Well, either way, you can't show off your powers around school anyways. Wouldn't want to give your identity up." Andrew said. He had a good point. "Let's go get something to eat man. I know you're hungry."

"Buffett?" I asked. "That's honestly gonna be the only way your gonna be able to feed me."

"Yeah," Andrew said with a little laugh, " Buffett sounds great."

"Well let's get going then" I said, " wouldn't want to hold you up from your date."

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