Chapter 15

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I woke up, extremely comfortable. I opened my eyes and sun was peaking through the half open blinds. But I noticed right away that I wasn't in my room. I was laying on top of a dark purple comforter, and on the wall I was facing was the window, with a inch of family pictures and selfies of people I didn't know. That is, until I looked closer and saw one face that stood out.

'Sarah' I thought to myself. Then it all came rushing back to me. I went for a run, then stopped, noticed who's house I was standing in front of, and passed out due to hunger.

I tried to get up off of the bed, but my muscles wouldn't comply. I tried twice, but my arms gave out each time. I finally got pissed at myself, lifted my self up as far as I could, and locked my arms in place. I then struggled to get my feet over the side of the bed. After five minutes of what felt like an endless battle, I finally got my feet over the edge. By that time, the grogginess has left my body, and I could feel my strength returning.

I sat on the side of the bed, contemplating whether or I wanted to get off the bed or not. I finally made up my mind and stood up, a little shaky, and made my way towards the door. I opened it up, the door creaking slightly as I looked down the hallway. I could hear a TV on in what looked like the living room. I shuffled my feet towards the sound, and I guess Sarah heard me, because I saw her face peak around the corner and light up with surprise.

"You're awake!" She exclaimed. She walked towards me, wearing a pair of sweats and a white T-shirt, and her blonde hair pulled up into a ponytail, and her sea blue eyes looking at me with some concern. My knees went weak and of it wasn't for the wall, I would have fallen face first. She saw this and hurried to my side.

"I got you," she said. "What happened to you?" She asked

"I, uh, went for a run and over exerted myself in the process." I explained. It wasn't a complete lie.

"Yeah, you passed out right in front of my drive way. I came home from a friends house and saw you lying there, so I piled you into my car and somehow managed to get you into my bed." She said. "I promise, I didn't violate you while you were sleeping" she said with a light laugh. I lightly laughed along with her, still nervous about the whole situation.

"Wait," I said, "what day is it?"

"It's Sunday." She said. "You slept for almost a whole day."

"A whole day?!" I exclaimed. "Hey, thanks for everything but I have to..."

"Hold up Tyler." She interrupted me. "I've already went and talked to your mom, and for some reason she was really cool with it. She said just to call her when you woke up, but you could sleep here as long as you'd like. Which reminds me..."she trailed off heading for her phone. She picked it up, punched in a number that I could only guess was my mother's, and put it up to her ear.

"Mrs. Daniels." She said. "Yes, he's awake." Pause. "You are so very welcome." Another pause. "Okay, here he is." She handed the phone to me.

"Mom?" I asked.

"Tyler?" She asked "Are you okay? What happened? Was it your, you know what?"

"Yeah mom, it was. I passed out from over doing my run and thankfully Sarah was there to find me." I explained

"You got hungry, didn't you?" My mom asked.

"Yes ma'am I did." I said

She sighed. "That would happen to your father whenever he went fast enough to trigger a sonic boom." She laughed a little. "Just come home when you're ready, okay honey? And no funny business. I'm not ready for grandchildren yet, okay?"

"Yes ma'am" I said looking at Sarah and letting out a little laugh.

"Okay, I love you sweetheart. Be careful out there. Especially with those powers." She said.

"Okay mom, I love you too." I ended the call.

"Was she worried?" Asked Sarah.

"A little, but said I could hang out , of course, if that's okay with you." I said, blushing a little bit.

"Yeah, that's alright." She said with a grin. "How about some dinner?" She asked. My stomach grumbles my response. "I'll take that as a yes." She said with a little laugh.

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