Chapter 22

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I came to a stop at her front door, and she hopped out of my arms. She immediately ran to her bathroom and threw up.

"Yeah...I should have warned you about that..." I said, not really knowing how to start a conversation with her.

"Ya think?" She said with anger in her voice. It kind of hurt when she talked to me like that but I guess I deserved it. She must have seen my face because when she spoke again, she had a softer tone.

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? Just this is a lot to take in right now." She said.

"It's alright. I understand. I know exactly how you feel. I mean, I got the powers. Honestly, how do you think I feel?" I said, and she went quite.

After a few minutes of uncomfortable silence, I remembered why we were here.

"So..." I started off, " what was it you wanted to show me?"

"Right." She said. "So the other day I was looking for some old baby pictures of mine in my parents room for senior night in volleyball, you know? Well I came across this one unmarked box and inside was a picture of my parents with a man dressed in some sort of costume. I really didn't think nothing of it, until I saw what I saw today." She explained.

She went to her parents bedroom and pulled out the unmarked box she was talking about from under there bed, opened it up, and pulled out a couple of pictures. She handed one to me, and in the picture on the left was her mom and on the right was her dad. The guy standing in the middle, there was something familiar about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. In the picture, that guy was wearing a blue and black suit with a chrome lighting symbol on his chest.

"Okay," I started off, "Sarah, this doesn't exactly explain what this has to do with me." I said.

"I'm getting to that part Tyler." She said. "Now, before I show you this, I have to let you know, that I was very shocked at what I saw here." She said, a slight bit of hesitation in her voice.

"Sarah, whatever it is, I can honestly handle it." I said, just wanting to see the picture already. She handed me the photo, and it was the same style photo, with her mom on the left and her dad on the right, but the guy standing in the middle, his face was uncovered. The guy standing in the middle was my dad.

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