Chapter 9

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Went only went a few blocks, and when I stopped, Andrew was still screaming. Then he puked.

"Next time, give a man a warning!" He exclaimed after throwing up. "How come you don't throw up?"

"I don't exactly know. I feel more hungry than anything." I said, feeling my stomach grumble.

"I guess we should go get something to eat. My treat, considering you just saved my life." Said Andrew, a little shyly.

"Don't worry about it man." I said

"No, I'm serious. You did something good back there. I know you're not doing this for the reward, but you didn't know how your powers were gonna work, yet you still stepped in front of me to take a bullet and then beat the crap out of that man? I think that deserves a reward." Explained Andrew.

"Okay man, if you insist." I said, the hunger in my stomach talking for me now.

"One problem." Said Andrew "I have to go back there and get my car."

"No problem man" I said, grabbing his arm.

"NO NO NO, none of that." Exclaimed Andrew, "I'd rather walk."

"Okay, fine, I guess I'll walk with you then." I said, a little disappointed that we couldn't get there the fastest way.

"Sorry man, but I don't think my stomach can handle another trip like that right now," said Andrew, a little apologetically.

"No, it's fine. I understand." I said.

"Alright then, let's get to the car." He said

We started walking to the car and got about half way there when we heard sirens coming up the street behind us. We both turned around and saw that it was some kind of police pursuit, and the vehicle that the cop was chasing had three large duffel bags sitting in the front seat, with two more people in the back seat.

"Tyler," started Andrew, "I think it's time for you to be a hero."

"I think you're right Andrew" I said, getting ready to run off.

"Wait! Here." He said, pulling a black handkerchief out of his back pocket. "For your face." He said

"Thanks man" is all I said while I tied the handkerchief around my face and ran off.

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