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When Lightning Strikes by AlwaysSunny
When Lightning Strikesby Sunny 🔆
In a city full of villains, would you dare to be the hero? In Lincoln Grove, there hasn't been a hero in 12 years. Villains run rampant through the streets. The biggest...
  • speedster
  • wattys2018
  • storms
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Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As Fast As Lightning by booksandanimes00
Todoroki Shoto Love Story // As writing...
"I specialize on the other parts of my quirk. I can create thunderstorms and run as fast as lightning." I explain thoroughly "If I concentrate hard enough...
  • powers
  • todorokishoto
  • shotoxoc
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When the Darkness comes(MarexMaven fanfiction) by WitchSwift
When the Darkness comes( WandaLaufeyson
**I do not own any of the said characters they all belong to Victoria Aveyard** This is my fanfiction on Red Queen.I am currently reading Glass Sword but i will not incl...
  • fire
  • mare
  • calore
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A Flash of Lightning! ( The Walking Dead FanFiction! A Carl Grimes Love Story! ) by kityxoxo
A Flash of Lightning! ( The Zora_Queen
Lightning lost her family to the crazy zombie apocalypse. She was bullied in school and was an outcast. She turns into a bad ass and is stubborn and doesn't trust anyone...
  • daryl
  • thewalkingdead
  • zombies
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Thor and Loki Fanfiction:  Little Sister by karkar15
Thor and Loki Fanfiction: karkar15
Have you ever wondered what Thor and Loki were like as kids? Or what it would be like it they had a little sister? Well now you know. Kyla is just a little girl in the...
  • bigbrother
  • love
  • sister
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~The Sky and the Ocean~ Percy x Reader by huskywolfie
~The Sky and the Ocean~ Percy x PERSASSY4LIFE
Hello there! This is going to based on The Lightning Thief, Bye! ~Enjoy!!!
  • percyxreader
  • fanfiction
  • love
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Half-Blood Princess \\ Ragnarok [ON HOLD] by Autogirls
Half-Blood Princess \\ Ragnarok [ Lina_Lovebug
"'Cause I wanna touch you, baby And I wanna feel you, too I wanna see the sunrise and your sins Just me and you"
  • zues
  • loki
  • ragnarok
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lightning - neuer by miroklose
lightning - neuerby leo
she's beautiful, stunning, gorgeous- like lightning; she's struck him. © miroklose, 2015
  • manuelneuer
  • lightning
  • football
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The Tempest by Falcon_Feather
The Tempestby 𝓝𝓪𝓽𝓪𝓵𝓲𝓪
"It is an honor for a citizen of Eden to be chosen to die for their country, so we can live!" there he paused, allowing us to cheer in unison. "We are wor...
  • lightning
  • eden
  • tempests
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Dark Side (Completed) by megsley22
Dark Side (Completed)by Megan Happel
Johanna is a villain, but only because she has to be. Being a hero doesn't pay the bills. But when she dives into the world of heroes and villains, she finds that she ha...
  • abilities
  • enemy
  • speed
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Tere Aur Mere Milne Ka Mausam Aaya Hai! ✔ by Haru2009
Tere Aur Mere Milne Ka Mausam Neena
Title Translation: The weather of our togetherness is here!!! . . . . . Arnav married Khushi for six months... After this storm, another natural storm came... Thu...
  • rain
  • ipkknd
  • believe
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Irithel by sylmrie
Irithelby FWEEZI
Where anger rages Thunder roars Where pain is felt The evil grows Where night is deep The power shows Hear them weep World crumbles low
  • lightning
  • magic
  • kingdom
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Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The Flash) Fanfiction by turtulme
Paralyzer || Barry Allen (The LeeAnne Lytton
"Being two blocks away from STAR Labs had always been interesting and appealing in some ways, especially for its location in the science district of Central City. H...
  • arrowverse
  • barryallen
  • paralyzed
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A.R.M.Y by CSW1995
A.R.M.Yby C. Swallow
Sally has trouble falling in love in Frankincense City, being the daughter of the Gang of Shadows that rules the underground. She's not allowed to talk to boys, basicall...
  • sexy
  • soldier
  • lightning
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Lightning (Camren) by directionizer
Lightning (Camren)by Krista
❝All of my life I've wanted to see lightning, [...]. Lauren, can you show me lightning?❞ Camila Cabello is a beautiful girl who was born blind, and has always hated rece...
  • lesbian
  • girlxgirl
  • camilacabello
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Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male Conduit Reader) by SuperJediWizardDude
Paint and Flame (RWBY X Male I’m Fuckin’ DandyMan
Remnant is said to be experiencing a time of peace, though the huntsmen and huntresses of the world fight another threat, one just as dangerous as Grimm. For generations...
  • augustine
  • amanaplanandanaerosolcan
  • rwbyxmalereader
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The All-Stars {TD × WOY Crossover} by JubileeJigsaw
The All-Stars {TD × WOY Crossover}by 👸🏼 𝕁𝕦𝕓𝕚𝕝𝕖𝕖𝕁𝕚𝕘𝕤𝕒...
The galaxy is finally restored after Lord Dominator's reign. Wander, Sylvia, Jubilee, Lord Hater, and Commander Peepers somehow join a show called Total Drama All-Stars.
  • courtney
  • wander
  • sierra
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Dragon Academy by DesiLovesDragons
Dragon Academyby Desi💕uwu
This opportunity only comes every 100 years for those in the land of Blix. Which is the time of choosing. You touch an amulet and a color tells you how special you reall...
  • dragonrider
  • shapeshifting
  • elements
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Speed by Bigcash
Speedby You should know me
Tyler Daniels was what most people would call a loser. He wasn't popular at all. But early one morning when he awakes to the sound of thunder and gets struck by lighting...
  • action
  • fighting
  • heros
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fire & lightning.  by dorisalanis
fire & lightning. by go for barney
the story of avatar; the last airbender, in motoko's point of view and her involvement in the war. ~zuko fic x
  • zukoxreader
  • tvshowfanfic
  • firenation
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