Victor Rodenmaar Jr.

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Nina's POV :

After our delightful night of Amber obsessing over people that were dating, or as she would say Amfie, Mickra, Peddie, Fabina and Jeroy, we all went to bed. Luckily for us, who actually cared about our ears, Trudy told us it was time to go to bed. She's acting as caretaker until the new one comes. Apparently Victor was meant to come but now, nobody is sure. Sweetie told Eddie he definitely was, that he had confirmed it, but he hasn't returned. I can't help but think something has happened, you know with the whole, we had the last ingredient to the elixir of life that was nearly gone 4 years ago, thing. I know I'm probably just over thinking but I can't help it. Tomorrow is a Monday. The day we start our college classes here at the school. Well, the new college building. Today, we all agreed to just chill. Have a pyjama day. Watch TV. Talk. Catch up, considering we haven't seen each other in how long.

"Amber wake up" I said getting up. The rooms, again, are me, Amber and Trix sharing and KT, Willow and Joy sharing, adding Mara to their room considering it is big enough for 4 beds and our room isn't. It's a bit of a squeeze in there but they fit, and it means everybody is back at Anubis.

"Woah, Trix is already up?" she asked as she looked around the room and finding no Patricia. "Is she ok?"

"She just left to go to the bathroom Ambz, I woke her up first." I told her.

"And you're ok? No water poured over you, no red mark from a slap, no broken nose from a punch?" she asked. "Is she ok?" she asked again making me laugh. You see, Trix isn't what you would call a morning person. Actually she's not really an afternoon person either. Or a night person. Or a people person come to think of it. Yeah... "Anyway breakfast?" I asked.

"Has Trudy made blueberry pancakes?" she asked.

"Amazeballs Trudes" we heard Alfie shout.

"I'll take that as a yes" I told her laughing.

"Come on" she said. All through our conversation she had been brushing her hair. You know Amber, perfection. She dragged me out the room, literally and we went down to breakfast.

"Alfie pass the syrup" Joy moaned as we walked in.

"But I'm making a pancake tower" he moaned.

"Why do you need the syrup?" she asked.

"To stick each layer together obviously" Amber butted in.

"See, Ambz understands!" Alfie told Joy.

"You've been hanging out with him too much" Joy moaned.

"What no yacking yet?" Eddie asked Trix as she walked in and sat down saying nothing.

"Shut it" she replied sleepily.

"Good morning everybody" Jerome said happily but sarcastically.

"Good morning? It's nearly 12'o'clock. I know you like to lie-in on weekends but this late? I've had to re-cook the bacon and sausages" Trudy said.

"But they're delicious cold" Alfie complained.

"Well I, like my bacon cooked, so it's warm" Fabian told him.

"I second that" I added.

"Well, with all this talking it's going cold again" Trudy told us. This made everybody start eating and shut up. What? We like our food.

Joy's POV :

We all ate our breakfast and then crowded the living room area. Nina and Fabian were on the chairs, me, Jerome, Trix and Alfie were on one settee, Eddie, Amber and KT were on another and Mick, Mara and Willow were sitting on the floor.

"So what do you want to do?" Mick asked flicking through the channels and realising nothing was on TV. Nothing we hadn't seen a million times already.

"21 truths?" KT asked.

"Shoot" Jerome said. So we started to play.

"Ok so Eddie, what was your first impression of Trix?" KT asked.

"That she was arrogant, sassy and sarcastic. I didn't really like her at first but there was always something" he smiled.

"Deep man" Alfie said.

"Anyway, Nina, if you had a tattoo what would you have?" he asked continuing the game.

"Sarah's name on my ankle" she said.

"Sarah? Why Sarah?" Willow asked confused.

"Sarah was" she stopped.

"A friend of hers" Fabian finished for her earning a smile. She would have Sarah's name after Sarah Frobisher-Smythe.

"Anyway, Amber, if you could take one thing to a desert island what would it be?" She asked.

"If I went to a desert island, which I wouldn't, ew, it would be an aeroplane, wouldn't it? Ooohhhh a private jet. I could use daddy's." She started thinking aloud earning an 'of course' from Nina.

"Boo" Amber directed at Alfie "what did you first think if me?" she asked.

Alfie hesitated before answering "well, I thought you were a bit too girly, but of course, beautiful."

"Aww boo" Amber smiled.

"Trix, if you had to punch anybody who would you punch?" he asked.

"At the minute, you" she said sarcastically "want a demonstration?"

"I'm good." He backed away.

"Jerry, if you had to eat one of Alfie's good inventions which would you eat?" Trix asked him.

"Hey" Alfie moaned.

"Marshmallow and chocolate pancake. It's actually quite nice" he said. "Sweetie Junior. Amber or Nina, which would you kiss?"

"Errr" Eddie replied. Just then the door opened.

"Who's that?" Mara asked.

"You better behave this term" a voice said walking into the room.

"No shenanigans, do you understand?" Victor said as he came into view.

"Yes Sir" Trix said mock saluting him. She earned a Victor scowl.

"Well Corbierre, we are back."




So, hoping you enjoy this chapter. I left it with Victor returning and the next chapter will be the start of the next term at school.

VICTOR'S BACK !!! (what? it's Victor!)

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